Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Picture Perfect Pair (Marsha & Jane, growing up together)

A Picture Perfect Pair  
The picture on the left sits on the dresser of Marsha Deng.  It’s Marsha, 16 years ago with her daughter Jane in matching mother/daughter dresses.  What most people don’t know is that when they posed for that pic, Marsha was still officially Milton Deng, struggling accountant and single dad to his son Jordan.   

Yes, they were born male, at least genetically.  However, Milton’s client at the time, Beverly Jones, was opening a new “glamour shots” studio, and Bev knew that both lovely boys would enjoy the makeovers she oversaw personally.  She also introduced  Marsha to her future lover, and she watched with pride as she watched her friend become a full time lady.  

And Bev’s pic on the right shows how well Jane turned out, just like her gorgeous mom !


Anonymous said...

Awww, Jane was such a little cutie back then! And look at her now. She's grown into a whole other kind of cutie. The spitting image of her lovely mom!

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

hmmm, where did you're smart-butt commnent go, Kyra? Same place as my "inspired" post ;)

Anonymous said...

Why whatever are you talking about Mommy? :) *hugs*

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Only my Kyra would love me so much as to comment on a post that really wasn't :) *hugs back*