Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Femme-o-Ween 2012: Follow the Yellow Brick.... Hoes?

Femme-O-Ween 2012
“OK, so Andy Ferry is coming as the cowardly lion and he’s actually OK with Garrett dressed as Dorothy?  Boy that will be a train wreck,” guffawed Nestor Wallis, who was decked out as Baum‘s famous tin man.  

“Hey he lost a bet, Dad,” snickered Brendon Wallis, Nestor’s college age son.  “He’s kind of skinny, so he might be able to pull it – HOLY SHIT – is that him and who’s that other…”  

 A gorgeous leggy brunette dressed as Dorothy Gale sauntered  up to her long time neighbors.  

 “Hi guys,” cooed Gretchen. “What  do you think of my costume?  And look, here comes MOM, and she’s finally found the courage  to be herself.”  

Already slack jawed at the youngster’s debut as a hot T-girl co-ed, they were blindsided by the curvaceous MILF that Ava Ferry had become, in a lion costume that was FIERCE – not simpering.

Three hours later, Nestor had Ava screaming, “Make me purr baby!,” as the tin man thrust into her round rear “pussy.”   

Down the hall, Gretchen stroked Brendan’s cock as she wrapped a leg around his torso, whispering,  “There’s no place like your bed, scarecrow…”

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Femme-o-Ween 2012: Proud to Represent TG and PBS!

Femme-O-Ween 2012
 My name was Cliff Copeland, but three years ago, I changed my name to Carla Copeland.  Some might say I changed more than that.  But I just merely fixed what “birth defect” I had.  Now before I did that, I was a married man, and before she left to “find herself”, my ex-wife gave me the greatest gift in the world.  My child, born Heath Copeland.  

Since my ex apparently doesn’t want to be part of either of our lives, I am more than happy to be my baby’s mother.  The great thing about this country is that no matter who are born as, you can go on to be the person you truly are.  That is the value I want to instill in my child. 

Unfortunately, I see threats to our individualism, and our right to freedom of expression.  I have always been a woman, and the day my angel said to me, “Mommy, I want to be a girl too,” I knew that we would together stand up to closed minded individuals.  

 It’s ironic that Election Day is right after Halloween.  In a recent debate, one candidate felt that Big Bird was – ell, not important.  But my Helena LOVES Sesame Street, and she picked our costumes this year.  My darling baby girl is the cutest Cookie Monster!   

And as far as my getup – I think I’ll wear this to the polls, because I can.  God bless America.  Also, my boyfriend said he had some “candy” for me… :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Femme-o-Ween 2012: A Lust for Literature

Femme-O-Ween 2012

Paul: A little miscommunication in synching our costumes, son?

Rick : Dad, you said “everyone’s favorite literary bespectacled literary figure.”  Have you never heard of J. K. Rowling?  

Paul: Duh, I teach English for a living!  But I actually am at fault.  I found a Dumbledore costume, except that, well, the beard would hide my fake boobs.  And besides – this shows of all my curves!

Rick: And no guy would ever not find you in a crowd , “Mom.”  And I totally agree, you made the right call.  We’ll win the contest easy!

Patricia:  I think we’ll win more than that, honey.  Probably get a lot of phone numbers and Facebook requests!  Cute skirt, girl. 

Rachel: I love it, it’s the best part of this costume.  I can hear it now “Hey, baby, I’ll show you a magic wand.” or “Yo – you want get together for a little one on one Quidditch?” (giggle)

Patricia: Ha!  Most guys will ask me “Where’s Waldo?  Look down!”

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Any Given Sunday (Olivia "coaches up" Hannah)


Hank: Jesus, Dad, again?!  You and your love of the Buffalo Bills has gotten you in trouble.  How could bet all of that money on them?  Sergio will collect , & that  means…

Oscar:  And that means it’s time for Olivia to come out to the sports bar again, and show one of Sergio’s clients a good time.  She’s the ultimate football party girl!  Go Bills!

Hank: Do you actually enjoy putting on a wig, lipstick and makeup, go-go boots, and a Bills jersey, and sucking those goons’ cocks?  What a fucking spectacle you … oh no…
SHIT!   The Packers just gave up that late touchdown and won’t cover.  I bet $5,000…

Olivia:  And Sergio will come after your ass now, sweetie.  You know, I may be able to convince him that my darling DAUGHTER will be on hand to help me entertain next week!

Hank: You are out of your fucking mind, old lady – err man,!  I’m not going to dress
Olivia:  Dress like a slut, HANNAH?  Tell me baby “girl”, what other choice do you have?  Don’t worry, Mom will give you this little pink pill they gave me to curb those nasty male inhibitions!


Hannah: Hey handsome!  I’m new here but my hot Mom Olivia says she knows you REAL well.  She says you like special girls like us who are into football, and “going under center” if you know what I mean! (giggle)  And GO Pack GO!  Hey, you look like our QB!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Proper Conditioning (Clarissa + Lois are fit and flirty)

Proper Conditioning
Colin Flaherty came by his obesity easily – his dad Leo was also overweight and a natural poor role model for the teenager.   Tired of the abuse and ridicule, the duo checked into a new program designed to “reshape” their bodies with a proper diet and conditioning program.   

Most of the fat melted away but mostly on the stomach; a lot stayed on the chest and hips.  Must have been that unique low cal diet, laden with estrogen.   The unique work out of aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and even Kegel exercises took a lot of pounds off and made them lithe and flexible.
The daily spa also gave them smooth skin and an inner serenity that most guys never experienced.  But they were not like most guys anymore.  They had interesting  dreams – such as strutting around in tiny bikinis like a hot mother and daughter would, seeking a studly lifeguard to seduce.   

Within 60 days, Clarissa and Lois were ready to make those dreams come true, and they giggled in whispers as they chatted about which dudes had what they wanted!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Blonde Alert! (Renee, Deanna, and introducing...)

Hot Blonde Alert!

Roger Caldwell and his son  Danny always enjoyed the weekends they spent dressed in drag.  They always made such beautiful women, and they played up their roles as hot blondes and to every man with a pulse, they were a mom/daughter pair with amazing looks and long sexy legs!

Do you prefer the stunning cougar or the gorgeous younger hottie?  I’m sure many a T-girl fantasy come to mind…

Well, guys, this duo just became a trio, but you will need to show a little more respect for this family.  Danny’s son Tyler just made his debut as a leggy blonde.  However, Tammy is only five, and she has a 9:00 bedtime.  She loves playing with her dollies, skipping rope, and shopping for pretty dresses with her Grandmom Renee and her Mommy Deanna.  

 She may be years away from her first date, but if she “develops” like her role models, all I can say is – watch out, boys!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MOTB Tales: Return to Hammers (A Family that "Drags" together...)

MOTB Tales: Return to Hammers

It’s not unusual for a bachelor party to end up at a strip club.  Just not at the Hammers All-Male Dance Show .  So, how did the groom, his best men brother , groomsmen cousins, and groom’s dad and uncle end up in as hotties in front of big Günter here?
Simple.  This family owns and operate the city’s top tranny revue nightclub, so the boys are used to wearing tight dresses, heels, & wigs.  The dads – moms tonight – started this tradition with their weddings – and now it’s Julian (Jessica).   

The only ones not in on the joke?  The hunky Hammer Heads, who are looking forward to having their “hammers” polished by these sexy bitches tonight!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: “Aunt Mary” (Uncle Mark), “Cousin Cindy” (Charlie), Best Man “Sister Debbie” (Brother Dennis), “Cousins Zoe & Jackie” (Zack & Jim, standing), the Groom Jesssica (Julian) and “MOTB Angela” (groom’s dad Anthony)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Lessons In Lingerie (Amber studies Sally's motives)

Our Lessons In Lingerie
 3 years ago, I was  transitioning  from Stan from Sally, and my body  was changing from the hormones I was taking, I knew that my son, Aaron, was watching in amazement as his quite normal father was turning into a curvy brunette he would forever call Mom.  

 I had a feeling that he was contemplating his own identity, so after he made Honor Society, I treated him to a little lingerie fashion show , including a wig, jewelry, and silky  bra and panty set for his sexy girl-self , Amber.

“Wow, Mom, look, even I have boobs, even though yours are …” 

“Big and bouncy huh?” I cooed, as we both laughed and hugged.   

That night, Amber and I had a significant girl to girl chat; I admitted that I was going to take this silky teddy on my getaway weekend with my new beau Jon; this led to a marathon discussion on  the birds and bees!  

 Amber soon became a permanent member of the family, and when she graduated with a 3.95 GPA from HS this year, I bought her what she would wear on her “first night” with her guy Greg.  Her new step-dad paid for her surgery as he had for mine!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Longs and The Shorts (Gina and girls: "Size matters!")

The LONGS and the SHORTS of it…

“You and your boys have been great sports about this, Glenn,” noted Ted Long to his business partner, Glenn Short.  

 It seemed natural that two guys named Long & Short made a pretty good team of lawyers.  The fact that Ted was about a foot taller than Glenn added to the coincidence.  The friends and partners were divorced but each had two sons – Ray and Joe Long were even taller than their dad, and both dwarfed Mike & Eddie Short. 

 Despite this, the Short guys often challenged the Longs to 3 on 3 basketball or football, with the expected results.  Trash talking ensued, and one game ended with Ted’s clan deciding on  an unusual vacation prank.  However, the results were sort of shocking...

“Now, Ted, please call me Gina,” smirked Ted’s friend, who faced him newly acquired blonde hair and large tits; she looked more like a hot mom than a hotshot lawyer.   

“In planning this trip, we were angry at always being – well – too Short to be tough guys like you.  So my new daughters and I said – why fight it?  The transgender salon we visited really did a number on us, with some hormones, hair extensions, and padding in the right spot.  We’re pretty damm sexy, Ted, aren’t we?  Maria and Erin make me so proud to be their Mom, and they are now frolicking on the beach with Ray & Joe, with plans on seducing their best friends… just like I am doing now.  Oh Teddy…”

While kissing her conquest, Gina found out that Ted was not only a LONG guy, he had some girth.  So did his sons, her girls learned!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good News... (you get two caps with this post) Bad News.. (I'm a year older today hmmph)

Good News…
“Well, I hope that  spending the last month as women has taught you both a valuable lesson,” Cindy Sharpe said to her boss Lewis Cutter, 48, and his son and heir apparent, Kyle Cutter, 24.   

Cindy had been sexually harassed for the last time, and rather than call the authorities, she used her black magic to transform the gender of the two macho wannabes.  The world now knew Cutter Services, LLC  as a woman-owned and managed firm.  

 “Cindy, don’t change us back,” pleaded young Kelli .  “Mom and I are actually finding much more successful as businesswomen.”  

 “As women, period, "cooed Linda.  “We’re giving you a raise and a promotion, and we want to celebrate with a girls night out!” 

Cindy was so happy so cried.  She was going to restore their manhood, but she gladly let them stay as mother and daughter.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

“Aunt” Lisa and “Cousin” Katie (A new family dynamic)

“Aunt” Lisa and “Cousin” Katie
The Goldberg  family was originally Lonnie and his wife Joan, and their twins, Kyle and Morgan.   When they were young, the family did take vacations together, but lately, father and son were going off on their own to go fishing or on a road trip to watch baseball, or ride ATVs in the wilderness,  while the girls would simply be content to book a trip to a resort where only women were welcome and could be pampered with spa time.   

This year, the guys were going to hike in the mountains, but heavy rains made the trails impassable, so they were looking at staying at home.  They were pissed.

Joan had an unique solution – and she apparently had been contemplating a change for some time.   

“I’m tired of being a wife who never does anything with her husband.  I’d be better off with my sister Lisa, as two single women who enjoy shopping, pampering, and maybe chasing some young studs.”

Morgan grinned at her twin, “And I’d rather have my cute cousin  Katie who I can hang out with, checking out cute guys and having fun at the resort, rather than a twin brother who I have little in common with.”

As the Goldberg girls  spoke, the guys felt lethargic and fell asleep on the couch.  When they woke, they knew that they had changed – and they weren’t upset.  The new Katie snuggled up close to Lisa and the closeness they had as father and son was now a deeper mother/daughter bond.  

A week later, the now fully female foursome were enjoying themselves by the pool.  Morgan snapped a picture of her aunt and cousin as the gorgeous brunettes rocked their tiny bikinis.   Judy had already made plans for dinner out, and a visit to a nightclub, to see how they would react to men!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too Tipsy for Heels? (Wendi & Amber: Damsels in Dis-Dress)

Too tipsy for heels?

Alex Clark had been open with his feeling of femininity for about 4-5 years; Alex, rather Amber, felt that he took after his single dad William.  Will tried to act tough and badgered Alex to give up on his drag lifestyle; finally, Amber had enough and dared Will to “be tough enough” to walk a mile in her shoes.   

And so, one Saturday night, “Wendi” joined Amber after Will left her shave his body, apply a realistic faux bosom, and try on those 4” pumps.  Not only did Amber prove her theory that Wendi was just as much of a gurl as she was, she was proved her fortitude.   

A few too many “screaming orgasms” made Wendi a little too tipsy in her heels.  After her “Mom” passed out on the street, Amber texted those two studs they met at the bar.

When Wendi regained consciousness , a smiling Amber cooed, “Mom, you slipped and fell, so Max and Nate here were kind of enough to help you find your BALANCE.”  

Wendi grinned, “How sweet; honey, why don’t you help me thank them properly?” :)