Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winging It! (Shannon & Daisy serve it with a smile)


Samuel Powell: Dad and I were just trying to win a $1000 prize for costumes.  Yes –as Hooter girls!
Douglas Powell: It wasn’t anything special – wigs, padded bras, and we didn’t even shave our legs.  But we did pull it off, and looked very convincing.  Each of us got numbers from guys.  It was empowering!

Shannon: We were stuck in our lives anyway.  We spent the money on stuff that would help make us even more babe-riffic.  Hair removal, salon treatments, HORMONES, and even some coaching.

Daisy: Voice training, even ballet and fashion class.  We now live as mom and daughter and having a blast!  But we knew where our “talents” would be most appreciated – so we applied for server jobs here!

Shannon: And how can Mom and I serve you? Hmmm


Jodie Hyde said...

Now that's mother/daughter team work.

Anonymous said...

Could I have the number for your coach? ;)