Saturday, September 29, 2012

Two Girls “Growing Up Fast” (Gracie and Kristen are precious)

Two Girls “Growing Up Fast”

Marty:  Hi there cutie.  Can you tell me your name, little girl?

Garrett: My name is Gracie!  I’m a big girl – like my mommy is!

Marty:  Well you sure do look a lot like your mommy.  Do you like the pretty purple dresses I bought?   You’re both so beautiful.

Gracie: Yes, and I love being a girl, and I didn’t want to be a boy anymore.  Now I have pretty dresses, and pretty long hair!  And I want a pony, and some Barbies, and I want a boyfriend too! 

Kevin: Oh my God– I’ve created a monster – a very adorable monster!  You know, I’d love her as a boy or a girl, but it will be so much fun raising a daughter – especially now that I have such a loving, caring, and quite handsome man to share our joy with!

Marty:  I love you, Kristen, and to see you both flourish as girls makes me love you both so much.  But – this boyfriend at age six worries me.  I may have keep you both under lock and key… 

Kristen: Baby .. I know you’ll protect both of us.  But it’s Mommy who will teach her baby girl to know how to handle men.  She’ll learn to be a lady, to appreciate romance, and eventually how to be a loving wife.  I’ll show you that last part tonight, stud muffin!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

What a lovely little story and I always think stud muffin is hilarius

Anonymous said...

Gracie's already an adorable little heart breaker! She's going to be such a lovable handful for Mommy and Daddy!

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

I want a precious 4-6 year old mini-me! We need a drug to de-age Kyra :p And no I don't want a Honey Boo Boo, I want a real normal girl

Anonymous said...

Find that drug and I'll take it in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and on the topic of Honey Boo Boo,29734/