Saturday, September 22, 2012

The “Fantasy” Cruise (Becky & the girls are looking to win BIG)

The “Fantasy” Cruise
My family & friends have been had a fantasy NFL league for years.  Last year, we had an unusual side bet.  Nobody from my family had even finished above .500 last year, and this year, if that trended repeated, me,(Billy)  my Dad  Ron and my Uncles Cal and Lewis would pay for vacation for ourselves and our league-mates (Stan, Jack, Kyle & my best bud, Richie)   

Well guess what happened.  And then, those bastards decided that they wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise.  But it was so expensive, the only cheap fares available were – get this – a special rate for “romantic couples.”   We got this deal thru our travel agent – my cousin Sally – who also practiced a little black magic.  

 And here we are.  God, what a sexy bunch of babes we turned out to be.   Richie and me (Becky)  had no problem posing as lovers!   (grin) My mom Renee is inseparable from Stan, and my aunts, Cindy and Lori, are now Jack & Kyle’s “ultimate fantasy!”

For once, we won the “biggest prize”! :)

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Anonymous said...

The best deal is a couple's cruise, while their cousin conveniently has the spell to make it work? Sounds a bit coincidental. Though Sally probably had more than an inclination of how happy the four of them would be