Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prom Night Fireworks Redux (Marilee helps Rebecca enjoy the moment)

My first prom, I went, of course, as Roger, with Janie.  We both became “adults” that night, and she later became my wife and the mother of our only child, named Michael at the time.  She was taken from us too soon.  Only an angel like her could handle the fact that her man was a woman at heart.   

She loved turning me into her best girlfriend Rebecca, complete with long luscious hair,a full bosom, and a sense of style.  I would never have dreamt that I could fool anyone into thinking I was a beautiful woman.  I also was somewhat surprised to uncover after Janie died that Mike also had this crazy dream of pretty dresses and silky underthings.  He was scared that, as his dad, I would reject him.   

So imagine his utter joy that not only would I accept him – her – that I had my own story to tell.  And Marilee totally embraced me, as the mom she needed and that I knew I was meant to be.  We made each other more feminine – more beautiful – more desirable.   

My second prom was Mari’s first – the school needed some chaperones.  She escorted a cute young man named Tim, who’s uncle Will was assistant principal – and my date.  20 years ago, Roger wooed Janie and fireworks went off in the back seat.  

 Tonight, I learned how much better it was from the girl’s side of passion; Mari’s telling smile told me she knew too!

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sissylouisa said...

this is a wonderful cap, so great in so many ways.