Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Little Role Reversal (How Hailey "raised" Carrie)

Our Little Role Reversal
When I was still a little boy named Heath, my dad, Charlie was the one to encourage me to come out of my shell.  I was so shy, and confused.  I would look at little girls wearing dresses and bows in their hair, and pretty ladies walking around in high heels, I knew – that’s what I wanted to be – not a boy .  Raising me by himself, Dad knew my soul was hurting and he took on the challenge of having me diagnosed and treated for my gender treatment .  

 It was such as relief to come as Hailey at age 14. I could let my hair grow out, wear these really pretty clothes – and even makeup .  I could hang out with my girlfriends and talk for hours about hunky pop stars, hunky movie stars, and hunky guys at school!  A lot of fun!
Last year, Dad said he wanted to talk, and it was amazing -  guess who also felt like a female inside?  The first time I saw my MOM – the lovely Carrie, we hugged and cried for hours!  We took our hormones together and watched our boobies grow like magic!   

Now I’m 17 and Mark and I are going steady, and his Dad is going to take the four of us for a nice dinner .  Don’t be nervous Mom! 
You look hot!  Go say hi to our dates!  You never know, you might be looking at the man you might marry .  (giggle)   

I’m so glad I can encourage you like you always do for me .  I love you so much Mom!


Anonymous said...

With each other for support, they'll be quite happy

Dee Mentia said...

Wonderful caption. I guess certain things DO run in the family!