Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nana Gets Custody (and the Kitten purrs...)

Nana Gets Custody
Allen never felt loved or appreciated by his mom or his step-dad, and they constantly belittled him for school, sports, and just because.  They were shallow people and it eventually caught up with them when they were both caught by the FBI and sent away on racketeering charges.  

 The next of kin was Allen’s Grandpa Mike, who was barred from seeing his grandson – until now.  And boy – rather girl, had Mike changed.  She was now a very sexy woman named Annabelle who had marred a rich man and wanted for nothing.  She insisted that Allen call her “Nana” and she called him Kitten – or shall we say her again?   

The newly christened Jodie felt finally at piece as a pretty stylish lass, and she finally had the role model, guardian, and protector in Annie.  On Jodie’s 17th birthday, Annie and her husband threw a large pool party that lasted until midnight.   

Jodie was extremely popular with the boys who attended and Annie directed one boy, Joe, to ask her Kitten to dance.  They locked eyes and never wavered, and were very cozy by party’s end – even her Nana had gone upstairs for the night.   

In fact, Jodie and Joe heard her grandparents upstairs!


Britney Shagwell said...

Lovely story, and a lovelier pair of ladies :)

Thank you!


Jodie Hyde said...

Oh Nana, I luv it! Its just how I wish it could happen:)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could have made it better was for it to happen sooner! :) Absolutely beautiful.