Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MOTB Tales: The Flower Girls (Jessica & Chelsea blossoming)

MOTB Tales: The Flower Girls

Florist  James White enjoyed his work – he often worked on elaborate bouquets for weddings – and he was proud to be a single dad of his son Cody, but he just couldn’t handle the obvious signs – Cody was not like other boys, and never would be. 

 One day, after bringing home a crying Cody from school – he had been bullied and called derogatory names by some bigger kids – James thought back to his own bad memories as a thin, sensitive child.  If only his wife Tina, his soul mate who died after Cody was born, could be there to comfort and guide them both.   

As James worked hard, he dozed off at his kitchen tale, with its white rose centerpiece.  The roses seemed to give off some sort of strange pollen, that filled the house.

James awoke in bed – but as a woman, blonde, beautiful, and snuggling with her young daughter.   

“Mommy – you’re getting married today to Mister Kenny!,” smiled young Chelsea to the woman her/his father was.   

“I am, aren’t I?” replied Jessica.  “Tell me, honey, are you happy now?”   

Chelsea’s joy told her mother not only was she aware of their mutual change, it was her dream come true.  

At the ceremony, they saw the man who would make their lives complete as stepfather and husband.  They knew this was right.

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Kyra Hyde said...

A stunning bride and the prettiest little flower girl! This truly is a fairy tale wedding. Now if only there were more of those roses in the world.