Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MOTB Tales: Dress Rehearsal (Theresa "directs" her family to perform)

MOTB Tales: Dress Rehearsal

Tony Pagano had dreamt of being a beautiful bride since he – she was a child.  Now Teresa would finally be a woman, and marrying the man of her dreams.  And by her side her – dad Mike and brother Craig?   They surprised Teresa, knowing how much she missed not having a mom or sister to confide in growing up.   

Monica and Carly were wowed at how lovely they were after the stylists go through with them.
And they were pleasantly surprised at how handsome their dates for the wedding were.  And at the rehearsal dinner, the sexy new Pagano girls “acted out” with their escorts, much to Teresa’s joy and amusement!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

A very nice one, not to intricate, just sweet and sexy

Kyra Hyde said...

So sweet of them to support Teresa like that! She's truly blessed to have such a loving family.