Sunday, September 9, 2012

GREAT FOOD – even better scenery… (Serena and Alyson make you drool)

GREAT FOOD even better scenery
Scott Bailey and his son Andy used to own and operate one of the most successful steakhouses in the state – until the health inspector shut them down.  Something about an inspection of the meat turned up some strange hormonal properties to anyone who handled the steaks.  Since the Baileys were always in the kitchen chopping up prime cuts, the continuous exposure had rendered their bodies with some unexpected results.  

 These macho guys were now looking and feeling quite girly.  They close show and left town and ended up in the next county – but now they called themselves Serena and Alyson Blaine and looked like the hottest mom/daughter ever.   

They opened Blaine’s Breakfast Nook & Coffee Shop and it was a hit especially with the town’s businessmen, who came for the great meals, as well as the company of the two gorgeous blondes. 

 And from time to time, Serena and Alyson still handle some meat – particularly sausage, which goes down well with a yummy glass of milk!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Very nice story, but not fair! I;m a total carnivore and - still no boobs!

Anonymous said...

If you could get boobs like those from eating steak, Id gladly make the switch! Until then I'll stick to the chicken.