Sunday, September 30, 2012

Football Super-Fans! (Rah-rah for Leah & Jessica)

FOOTBALL Super-Fans!
To say that Justin Logan and his father Luke are huge fans of the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons would be an understatement.  The Logan house is a shrine to the “Dirty Birds;” not only Falcons memorabilia, but jerseys, hats, and yes, costumes.   

One time , the duo on a dare from their friends wore mascot costumes – with wings, beaks, even real feathers.  Then, an Atlanta radio station had a contest –  “Show your loyalty to the red and black by dressing as the ultimate Falcons Super-Fans!”  The winners would get free tickets to the luxury box at the stadium complete with on field access and meet and greet the players. 

 Justin and Luke had an epiphany, and they called Luke’s cousin Merilee who ran the best transformation salon in Georgia.  While hundreds of other fans wore masks, body paint, and weird goggles, “Jessica” and “Leah”  sashayed to the prize in matching cheerleader outfits – blonde wigs, and go-go boots.  And because “mom and daughter” have such tight tummies and sexy legs, they were quite popular with the team.   

In fact, the last we saw them, they followed two players back to the locker room for a little pre-game “stretching.”


Anonymous said...

If you think players need stretching before the game, wait until their victory "regimen" ;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

And thru week 4, the Falcons are undefeated. COINCIDENCE??? I think not ;)