Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Fridays (Grace Beth & Sam learn a lesson)

First Fridays

“Grace,  Bethany, Samantha! Smile and say  CHEESE!”  

 The beautiful mom and her daughters leaning for a picture as they drank champagne in the stretch
limo. The boozed helped calm their nerves as they awaited their “punishment” with trepidation…

Glenn Patrick loved his wife and his sons adored their mom, and Glenn & Sara were very close to the boys’ wives – Ben’s Jessie and Steve’s Kristie.  But the three guys kept their “First Fridays” from their women.  They would go to the Kitty Club for beer, cigars, and some lapdances. 

Sara noticed that the bank had bounced their mortgage check because Glenn took $1000 in cash for the last First Friday.  Father and sons now faced the wrath of their angry wives.   

And how did the girls get revenge?  After three weeks of cuckold training at home, Sara decided to create a new First Friday tradition.  Sara’s “sister” and “nieces” squeezed into tight dresses, heels and silky stockings.  The destination was a strip club – a MALE strip club.   

Gracie watched as Beth and Sammi , got their first upclose  view – and taste – of a real big cock.  Then the “sisters” watched as their new “Mom” got her moment!


Annabelle Hyde said...

hmmm... 4 captions in a row, no comments. I used to go months without comments but not recently... anyone alive other there?

Dee Mentia said...

I like this one a lot, since it has that element of revenge BUT hopefully a new beginning too!

Jodie Hyde said...

This is an awesome cap Nana. I luv that the girls got a taste of men in strip club, it was very poetic.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

I think that trio has a new standing date in stockings. And different "cigars" ;)

Kyra Hyde said...

I just hope Sara keeps a tight grip on the purse strings. Otherwise these girls are just gonna blow the money on more lap dances.

Of course, that could get them sent back to their old stomping grounds to recoup their losses ;)