Sunday, September 16, 2012

Better Behavior (Nicole & Ginny are much more "willing" now)

Better Behavior

Two months ago, Neal and his son Garth never saw eye to eye.  They were so combative, they were actually arrested for fighting in public, and public intoxication.  They had scraps with the law before, and the judge sentenced them to an unique punishment – mandatory hormone treatments – ESTROGEN that is.   

The judge hoped that some girl juice would help curb their violent urges.
The treatment works fantastically.  Sissified by the treatment, the father/son duo now seem more like mom and daughter.  They bonded over the way they look, and they vowed to “make love, not war.”   

Nicole and Ginny can now often be found at bars, letting horny guys with a kink for shemale blondes take them home to fuck.   Such as the judge.  As you can see, he’s very pleased with their new attitudes!   


Kyra Hyde said...

And I'm sure thoughts of fucking a pair of sexy new shemales never crossed the judge's mind when he pronounced their sentence ;)

Jodie Hyde said...

Oh that judge is clever. Great story Nana.

Dee Mentia said...

Hmmmm,is the judge end up setting them up and took advantage of the situation? GUILTY AS CHARGED!