Saturday, September 8, 2012

All "Grown Up" (Two buddies and their kids have fun)

All “Grown Up”

“Hey Mom – who are those smoking bitches I see in  the mirror?”  cooed Tommy O’Malley to his father Dan.   

“Stand still, Talia,” Dan replied, “I’m almost done with your hair!  We have to meet Rosalie and your Aunt Lana down at the club, and we can’t be late for mother-daughter night!” 

 But Dan couldn’t be prouder of his child. And he was also so grateful that his best friend from college, Leo Chow, had reached out to him after all these years.   

 Dan and Leo used to dress up all the time to blow off steam after graduate course work in computer science.  Darla & Lana squeezed themselves into tiny dresses and high heels, and had the time of their lives as stunning T-girls who never had to pay for a drink; many a night they came home at dawn, having had such fun with being slutty girls who got a lot of cock!

2 decades later, Dan had packed Darla far away, but Lana was embracing her shemale MILFyness. Not to mention, Leo’s son Richard had the same look and desire  as his “Mom.”  Knowing that Dan and Tommy were across town, they found them both willing to join forces.   

Now Talia and her BFF Rosie are following in their mother’s slinky footsteps.  And these junior trannies need only look to Darla and Lana for inspiration as they grow up – and out.  Look at the sweet curves on all four of these hot, naughty sissies!


Jodie Hyde said...

Excellent work Nana. I love how sweet and erotic your caps are. When are we gonna be in one of your stories?

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

soon baby soon... Nana promises! :)

Anonymous said...

*whistle* Those boys at the club are gonna go broke buying drinks for these four hotties!