Sunday, September 30, 2012

Football Super-Fans! (Rah-rah for Leah & Jessica)

FOOTBALL Super-Fans!
To say that Justin Logan and his father Luke are huge fans of the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons would be an understatement.  The Logan house is a shrine to the “Dirty Birds;” not only Falcons memorabilia, but jerseys, hats, and yes, costumes.   

One time , the duo on a dare from their friends wore mascot costumes – with wings, beaks, even real feathers.  Then, an Atlanta radio station had a contest –  “Show your loyalty to the red and black by dressing as the ultimate Falcons Super-Fans!”  The winners would get free tickets to the luxury box at the stadium complete with on field access and meet and greet the players. 

 Justin and Luke had an epiphany, and they called Luke’s cousin Merilee who ran the best transformation salon in Georgia.  While hundreds of other fans wore masks, body paint, and weird goggles, “Jessica” and “Leah”  sashayed to the prize in matching cheerleader outfits – blonde wigs, and go-go boots.  And because “mom and daughter” have such tight tummies and sexy legs, they were quite popular with the team.   

In fact, the last we saw them, they followed two players back to the locker room for a little pre-game “stretching.”

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Two Girls “Growing Up Fast” (Gracie and Kristen are precious)

Two Girls “Growing Up Fast”

Marty:  Hi there cutie.  Can you tell me your name, little girl?

Garrett: My name is Gracie!  I’m a big girl – like my mommy is!

Marty:  Well you sure do look a lot like your mommy.  Do you like the pretty purple dresses I bought?   You’re both so beautiful.

Gracie: Yes, and I love being a girl, and I didn’t want to be a boy anymore.  Now I have pretty dresses, and pretty long hair!  And I want a pony, and some Barbies, and I want a boyfriend too! 

Kevin: Oh my God– I’ve created a monster – a very adorable monster!  You know, I’d love her as a boy or a girl, but it will be so much fun raising a daughter – especially now that I have such a loving, caring, and quite handsome man to share our joy with!

Marty:  I love you, Kristen, and to see you both flourish as girls makes me love you both so much.  But – this boyfriend at age six worries me.  I may have keep you both under lock and key… 

Kristen: Baby .. I know you’ll protect both of us.  But it’s Mommy who will teach her baby girl to know how to handle men.  She’ll learn to be a lady, to appreciate romance, and eventually how to be a loving wife.  I’ll show you that last part tonight, stud muffin!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prom Night Fireworks Redux (Marilee helps Rebecca enjoy the moment)

My first prom, I went, of course, as Roger, with Janie.  We both became “adults” that night, and she later became my wife and the mother of our only child, named Michael at the time.  She was taken from us too soon.  Only an angel like her could handle the fact that her man was a woman at heart.   

She loved turning me into her best girlfriend Rebecca, complete with long luscious hair,a full bosom, and a sense of style.  I would never have dreamt that I could fool anyone into thinking I was a beautiful woman.  I also was somewhat surprised to uncover after Janie died that Mike also had this crazy dream of pretty dresses and silky underthings.  He was scared that, as his dad, I would reject him.   

So imagine his utter joy that not only would I accept him – her – that I had my own story to tell.  And Marilee totally embraced me, as the mom she needed and that I knew I was meant to be.  We made each other more feminine – more beautiful – more desirable.   

My second prom was Mari’s first – the school needed some chaperones.  She escorted a cute young man named Tim, who’s uncle Will was assistant principal – and my date.  20 years ago, Roger wooed Janie and fireworks went off in the back seat.  

 Tonight, I learned how much better it was from the girl’s side of passion; Mari’s telling smile told me she knew too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MOTB Tales: The Flower Girls (Jessica & Chelsea blossoming)

MOTB Tales: The Flower Girls

Florist  James White enjoyed his work – he often worked on elaborate bouquets for weddings – and he was proud to be a single dad of his son Cody, but he just couldn’t handle the obvious signs – Cody was not like other boys, and never would be. 

 One day, after bringing home a crying Cody from school – he had been bullied and called derogatory names by some bigger kids – James thought back to his own bad memories as a thin, sensitive child.  If only his wife Tina, his soul mate who died after Cody was born, could be there to comfort and guide them both.   

As James worked hard, he dozed off at his kitchen tale, with its white rose centerpiece.  The roses seemed to give off some sort of strange pollen, that filled the house.

James awoke in bed – but as a woman, blonde, beautiful, and snuggling with her young daughter.   

“Mommy – you’re getting married today to Mister Kenny!,” smiled young Chelsea to the woman her/his father was.   

“I am, aren’t I?” replied Jessica.  “Tell me, honey, are you happy now?”   

Chelsea’s joy told her mother not only was she aware of their mutual change, it was her dream come true.  

At the ceremony, they saw the man who would make their lives complete as stepfather and husband.  They knew this was right.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keeping It Real (No one will know Doris & Phoebe are..)

Keeping It Real

Joe: Dave!  Peter!  What the hell have you two been?

Phoebe: Duh!  We were shopping – “DADDY!”  We had a mother-daughter day at the mall.  And it was fun!

Doris: It was such an awesome time!  Hey, it’s all part of the cover story, Joe.  You needed to impress your boss and your college buddies about how you met me in Jamaica and  we fell in love and we got married and me and my “daughter” moved in to your estate.  So now, we have to keep up appearances!  And we are spending your money on things we need, like bed linens, groceries, and of course, our sexy wardrobes.

Phoebe:  And shoes!  And don’t forget the salon…

Joe: And apparently, Victoria’s Secret – I saw this bag in your trunk.  Aren’t you going a bit far with this bit?

Doris: Darling – I’ve known you since college.  I also know how much being a she-male turns you on.  And you have two desirable blondes… in your house…

Phoebe:  And if you’d like… Mom and I could put on a private lingerie fashion show… just for you… Daddy…

Joe: (breathing heavy)  OK.. I’ll meet you both upstairs.

Joe runs inside – Phoebe and Doris grin at each other.

Doris: See, what did I tell you, baby; men are so easy to manipulate.  Just like the handsome but clueless boy at the food court.  It’s fun playing with their libidos!

Phoebe:  Oh yes Mom; it sure beats actually working!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The “Fantasy” Cruise (Becky & the girls are looking to win BIG)

The “Fantasy” Cruise
My family & friends have been had a fantasy NFL league for years.  Last year, we had an unusual side bet.  Nobody from my family had even finished above .500 last year, and this year, if that trended repeated, me,(Billy)  my Dad  Ron and my Uncles Cal and Lewis would pay for vacation for ourselves and our league-mates (Stan, Jack, Kyle & my best bud, Richie)   

Well guess what happened.  And then, those bastards decided that they wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise.  But it was so expensive, the only cheap fares available were – get this – a special rate for “romantic couples.”   We got this deal thru our travel agent – my cousin Sally – who also practiced a little black magic.  

 And here we are.  God, what a sexy bunch of babes we turned out to be.   Richie and me (Becky)  had no problem posing as lovers!   (grin) My mom Renee is inseparable from Stan, and my aunts, Cindy and Lori, are now Jack & Kyle’s “ultimate fantasy!”

For once, we won the “biggest prize”! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Little Role Reversal (How Hailey "raised" Carrie)

Our Little Role Reversal
When I was still a little boy named Heath, my dad, Charlie was the one to encourage me to come out of my shell.  I was so shy, and confused.  I would look at little girls wearing dresses and bows in their hair, and pretty ladies walking around in high heels, I knew – that’s what I wanted to be – not a boy .  Raising me by himself, Dad knew my soul was hurting and he took on the challenge of having me diagnosed and treated for my gender treatment .  

 It was such as relief to come as Hailey at age 14. I could let my hair grow out, wear these really pretty clothes – and even makeup .  I could hang out with my girlfriends and talk for hours about hunky pop stars, hunky movie stars, and hunky guys at school!  A lot of fun!
Last year, Dad said he wanted to talk, and it was amazing -  guess who also felt like a female inside?  The first time I saw my MOM – the lovely Carrie, we hugged and cried for hours!  We took our hormones together and watched our boobies grow like magic!   

Now I’m 17 and Mark and I are going steady, and his Dad is going to take the four of us for a nice dinner .  Don’t be nervous Mom! 
You look hot!  Go say hi to our dates!  You never know, you might be looking at the man you might marry .  (giggle)   

I’m so glad I can encourage you like you always do for me .  I love you so much Mom!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MOTB Tales: Dress Rehearsal (Theresa "directs" her family to perform)

MOTB Tales: Dress Rehearsal

Tony Pagano had dreamt of being a beautiful bride since he – she was a child.  Now Teresa would finally be a woman, and marrying the man of her dreams.  And by her side her – dad Mike and brother Craig?   They surprised Teresa, knowing how much she missed not having a mom or sister to confide in growing up.   

Monica and Carly were wowed at how lovely they were after the stylists go through with them.
And they were pleasantly surprised at how handsome their dates for the wedding were.  And at the rehearsal dinner, the sexy new Pagano girls “acted out” with their escorts, much to Teresa’s joy and amusement!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Better Behavior (Nicole & Ginny are much more "willing" now)

Better Behavior

Two months ago, Neal and his son Garth never saw eye to eye.  They were so combative, they were actually arrested for fighting in public, and public intoxication.  They had scraps with the law before, and the judge sentenced them to an unique punishment – mandatory hormone treatments – ESTROGEN that is.   

The judge hoped that some girl juice would help curb their violent urges.
The treatment works fantastically.  Sissified by the treatment, the father/son duo now seem more like mom and daughter.  They bonded over the way they look, and they vowed to “make love, not war.”   

Nicole and Ginny can now often be found at bars, letting horny guys with a kink for shemale blondes take them home to fuck.   Such as the judge.  As you can see, he’s very pleased with their new attitudes!   

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to The Club, Lynzi! (Love, Suzanne & Joan)

Welcome to The Club, Lynzi! 

I never got why my dad Jeff or my big brother Sean wanted to dress like girls.  I mean, it was weird to me and my then 13 year old mind.  Playing ball,  catching bugs = fun! And when they got dressed up, they got so silly, calling each other Suzanne and Joan.  “Suzie” even called Dad “Mom.”   

And it took them hours to get ready, and I enjoyed my freedom – but I was a little bit curious, so one day I sat on the bed as they started to change and put on makeup and even – girl underwear!   

Mom finally spoke, “I think Lynzi is finally joining the club, Suzie.”

Lynzi?  Who’s that – no wait, I’m Leonard. 

“Bout time, little sis!” cooed Suzie as she started applying some makeup to my face. 

 I wanted to run, but I just sat there zombie-like. Six or so hours later, I had a girly hairdo, lipsticks and eyelashes, and a pretty black dress to match Mom’s and Suzie’s.   
I still wasn’t sure why this was fun – until Mr. Rick, our neighbor and his two sons, knocked
on our door; wearing tuxes and carrying flowers, Rick kissed Mom and Mark kissed Suzie, and they GLOWED.  And since little Ron looked pretty cute in his suit, I gave him a peck on the cheek, and thus joined the Girls Club.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Tricked Me! (Laura says to Alexa...)

“You Tricked Me!”

“How could you do that to me, Andy?  My son… a cruel joke on his own father!”
“Well gee, Dad, you look, sound, and have been acting more like my mother Laura, and not my father, Lance.  And remember, I’m now your daughter,  Alexa,  dressed like this!”
“Ha ha, very fun, daughter of mine.  Listen, I know you won the bet on whether you could pull off being a beautiful girl.  I’m a man of my word – so to speak – so I let you make me over.  I even enjoyed our mother/daughter bonding.  But you said nothing about going out with our next door neighbors!”
“Well OK, Mom, sue me for that.  I’m a T-girl that loves fucking hot guys, and it looked like you were getting into it, too!”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this – but, you were right.  I loved teasing Jerry as much as you did to Jerry Jr.   I actually sucked his cock and LOVED it, so I guess you did show me a new side of myself.  But you shouldn’t have been so sneaky, Alexis…”
“Tee hee – I guess I’m as naughty a girl as my mom.  We need to go                                     shopping for some slutty dresses and heels now.”                        

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nana Gets Custody (and the Kitten purrs...)

Nana Gets Custody
Allen never felt loved or appreciated by his mom or his step-dad, and they constantly belittled him for school, sports, and just because.  They were shallow people and it eventually caught up with them when they were both caught by the FBI and sent away on racketeering charges.  

 The next of kin was Allen’s Grandpa Mike, who was barred from seeing his grandson – until now.  And boy – rather girl, had Mike changed.  She was now a very sexy woman named Annabelle who had marred a rich man and wanted for nothing.  She insisted that Allen call her “Nana” and she called him Kitten – or shall we say her again?   

The newly christened Jodie felt finally at piece as a pretty stylish lass, and she finally had the role model, guardian, and protector in Annie.  On Jodie’s 17th birthday, Annie and her husband threw a large pool party that lasted until midnight.   

Jodie was extremely popular with the boys who attended and Annie directed one boy, Joe, to ask her Kitten to dance.  They locked eyes and never wavered, and were very cozy by party’s end – even her Nana had gone upstairs for the night.   

In fact, Jodie and Joe heard her grandparents upstairs!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

GREAT FOOD – even better scenery… (Serena and Alyson make you drool)

GREAT FOOD even better scenery
Scott Bailey and his son Andy used to own and operate one of the most successful steakhouses in the state – until the health inspector shut them down.  Something about an inspection of the meat turned up some strange hormonal properties to anyone who handled the steaks.  Since the Baileys were always in the kitchen chopping up prime cuts, the continuous exposure had rendered their bodies with some unexpected results.  

 These macho guys were now looking and feeling quite girly.  They close show and left town and ended up in the next county – but now they called themselves Serena and Alyson Blaine and looked like the hottest mom/daughter ever.   

They opened Blaine’s Breakfast Nook & Coffee Shop and it was a hit especially with the town’s businessmen, who came for the great meals, as well as the company of the two gorgeous blondes. 

 And from time to time, Serena and Alyson still handle some meat – particularly sausage, which goes down well with a yummy glass of milk!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

All "Grown Up" (Two buddies and their kids have fun)

All “Grown Up”

“Hey Mom – who are those smoking bitches I see in  the mirror?”  cooed Tommy O’Malley to his father Dan.   

“Stand still, Talia,” Dan replied, “I’m almost done with your hair!  We have to meet Rosalie and your Aunt Lana down at the club, and we can’t be late for mother-daughter night!” 

 But Dan couldn’t be prouder of his child. And he was also so grateful that his best friend from college, Leo Chow, had reached out to him after all these years.   

 Dan and Leo used to dress up all the time to blow off steam after graduate course work in computer science.  Darla & Lana squeezed themselves into tiny dresses and high heels, and had the time of their lives as stunning T-girls who never had to pay for a drink; many a night they came home at dawn, having had such fun with being slutty girls who got a lot of cock!

2 decades later, Dan had packed Darla far away, but Lana was embracing her shemale MILFyness. Not to mention, Leo’s son Richard had the same look and desire  as his “Mom.”  Knowing that Dan and Tommy were across town, they found them both willing to join forces.   

Now Talia and her BFF Rosie are following in their mother’s slinky footsteps.  And these junior trannies need only look to Darla and Lana for inspiration as they grow up – and out.  Look at the sweet curves on all four of these hot, naughty sissies!