Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who’s My Mommy? (oh my...)

                   Who’s My Mommy?                 

You know how some guys like to have them call you “Daddy” while they’re fucking your brains out?

Well, my “Daddy” is now my Mami, and she’s right next to me, and she’s working on her own orgasmic thrill ride.

And for the record, “Dad” is the one who turned me on to that gender-change potion with the enhanced breast juice chaser.

Thanks Mom – not only for making me your “little” girl – but for hooking me  up with my new “Papi!”


Kyra Hyde said...

Such a beautiful picture! It reminds me of our family trip to Cancun, and that camping trip last thursday, and our neighbors bbq last night. I love bonding with you!

Jodie Hyde said...

Ah, I do so luv family pictures. Especially when its a family like ours;)

Jane Ehlers said...

Who doesn't love a breast juice chaser:D Love the cap please keep up the good/naughty/exciting work


Annabelle Hyde said...

Thanks Jane. Appreciate your 1st comment here:)
Always appreciate my "family" of sexy girls too!

Ginger said...

Really fun, sexy cap Annabelle, really liked it. You have such a unique family!

Evie said...

Ooooh hawt one, I like it!