Saturday, August 18, 2012

We interrupt this blog and it's "sweet debauchery"...

for some comments from yours truly on a variety of topics.  Kind of a mish mash o' things:

The "Annabelle Style":  I've had great feedback on my style and the stories I tell with my work.  Several have commented that in a blogosphere of all sex and femme domination and cuckolding, my work sort of stands out as a place of purity.  On the other hand, the sexual side of my work also gets kudos.  Ideally, I like to marry the two concepts.  This is sort of my "workflow chart" for a lot of my stories.

1. Father and son (also uncles, nephews, etc), at various levels of closeness and attitudes
2. Change happens to one or both
3. Eventually changes to both
4. Attitudes "improve" whether it be their interpersonal relationship, they live their lives with a better purpose, etc.  This also applies to desires - and the desires always include new feelings about being a woman and being treated by one by a potential new lover.
5.  This is always the part that means the most to me: The transformees accept themselves and their family member in their new role.  Dad to Mom, Son to Daughter, and so on.  The bonding as a family of women locks in their new outlooks.  
6. Happy ending (yea, I'm a Pollyanna - a Polly-Annabelle, that is) ;)

The Ever Growing "Family"

My  blog is really a portal to a wonderfully sexy and silly world where I get to play with other girls who enjoy making their own caps, flirting with each other, providing encouragement, and look out for each other.  Whether you want to go along with making me your hot "mommy" or not is your call, but I love having you as a dear online friend, and "playing" with you.  

Just like my blog, sometimes I'm all cutesy, but other times I'm just a horny bitch looking for some trouble. 

I have shared my affection/appreciation to several of you "regs."   Often it's funny and sexy, but sometimes you hear the hints of "real life" creeping in and it adds some perspective who you are and why you are here.  I too have a "real life" and it is usually manageable but sometimes get challenging from work, etc.   

"All the world's a stage, and we are merely players..."  Both Shakespeare and Neil Peart go it right.  But we are performers and people.  We are the girls that we choose to be, whatever you happen to be wearing (or not) at the moment..

Evie, Alectra, and Kyra are sort of my original "triplets" and I always want to see what they are up to and participate. Evie is the sun of this solar system we are all in.  Her light shines on all of us, and we are warmed by it.  You cannot help but be drawn to her (right Kyra?)
Beneath Alectra's PVC is a hottie with a heart of gold :)  (PS: Get well soon, sweetheart!) Kyra is there every day, it seems, with an appreciative comment, a wicked idea, or both.   She loves unconditionally, as do all 3 of them, and I can only match their devotion to me by loving them back.

Jodie "Kitten" is growing into her comfort as who she wants to be, and I love to see that.  

Anne Oni Mouse is a highly original, smart and prolific little lady who does NOT get enough love on her own blog - me included.

Diane Leonard is the original high priesteses of TG captioning.  She deserves your worship.

Hrdknight always gives you two great caps every day.  Who needs sunrise or sunset? :p

Courtney's got a very unique blog with now several other gals pitching in with ideas. It keeps her work very fresh.  She's a super sweetheart and a big supporter of my work.

Where the hell did Brittney Shagwell  come from?  LOL - wherever she did, she is an amazing ball of fire and quickly has become a fave amongst many of us.  What energy, and what a wicked little mind she has.  Some of her very recent work are just - OMG.

(Brit's flourish reminds me of a gal who I'm sad to see has listed her blog as closed - Steffimarichen.  I hope Steff is reading and she knows that many miss her - me included :|.  I also hope that Tiffany Manners AKA Julie gets back in the game soon.)

I just "met" Ginger this week and she's already commented and made me a tribute cap.  Looking forward to spending more time in your arena. :)  I plan on doing the same for our new friend, LisaAnn.

Long before blogs, I was in Yahoo Groups and followed many including BeckyS, who made these amazing sweet and sexy caps that is probably my greatest influence, along with the fiction of Karen Elizabeth L.    She is my blogroll now.

Victoria Hyde's Codex of Corruption seems to not have a lot in common with my stuff, but this "soul cookie" does have a heart, and smarts, and owns your attention.  More on her in the next topic.

TG Captions and Cash Flows

Victoria was the one who alerted most of us of the blogger who reblogged some of our work for their site.  No worries in most cases, as that's what Tumblr lets you do.  But the linking to Amazon referrals was not cool.  I fell for that far too often, and even wondered aloud - so what?  What's what is that by bringing e-commerce to a fun activity, it may lead to bad implications for us non-profiteers.  I do use a lot of photographic sources and I want to continue to do so.  I need to stay away from any commercial sites that may not have clearance to profit from these images, and imply that I make money from them.  I do this for fun and  frolic.   Thanks Victoria and all who helped spread the word.

Coming Soon
I always have  10-12 caps done ahead of time and I use scheduling to upload them - one a day typically on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

I am working on a story multi-cap using images from a sitcom from the 90s, mixed with photos of the actresses today.

I have been lacking in my time on Rachel's Haven.  Please visit them and you are able, please donate so you can download one of their quarterly zines.  You'll help them pay their server fees.  They have had issues with Paypal over their content.  SUPPORT THEM!

I know a lot about many of you in terms of your "desires" but what else are you into?  TV shows, music, sports, hobbies. Feel free to comment!

My "avatar" for the past few months is Jewels Jade, and I think she represents who I could become if I just had the magic medallion or glass of Elixir handy. :)  I fell in love with her body and look from the porn series "Fuck Mommy and Me" where she is paired with  Gracie Glam and a hard stud.  Check out pichunter for more of her.

I will come back to this and add links!  Gotta go shop for groceries.  And perhaps a bag boy or too. ;)

Love, Annie


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Thanks for your kind words. Like you I feel better with a number of captions scheduled for future release - I try to have 14 scheduled for daily release on Tumblr and then work around that. If my inspiration leaves me at least the daily one should be there. I have a caption, which I think is in the Annabelle genre of family change, that I will release soon.

Britney Shagwell said...

Lovely sentiments, and thanks for mentioning me amongst such esteemed company :)



Ginger said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope we can spend some more time together! Thank you!

Victoria Hyde said...

Panty LisaAnn said...

Well said, Annabelle. Especially about the re-blogging. Never a cool practice without permission or proper credit. I found another last week and let the offending and offended parties know what was what.

I keep toying with my "style". Mostly short caps. But I've been bouncing between forced feminization and body theft. Guess I just like all different flavors.


Annabelle Hyde said...

And it's great to see everyone support me and my work. :) Thanks,