Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Talk: Dealing With Change (Renee & Lisette walk the walk...)

The Talk:
Robert:   Baby, you cannot go through life being so pissed off about this sudden gender change, and giving me such an attitude.  It’s was a chemical plant accident, you know!

Luther: No it isn’t – “DAD” – but that doesn’t mean you can lose your damn mind and embarrass me like this.  No way no how!

Renee: Watch your tone, young lady – and I’m your mother now, so use the right pronoun.  Look – I know that booking this vacation on this nude beach with all of these fine horny men – it may more than you want to handle right now – but look at us.  We’re gorgeous and we know it.  Gotta jump into sex with guys both feet huh?  Just like we did with shopping and hair care!

Lisette: It’s not that Momma; I agree with you or else I wouldn’t come.  But you know damm well I was flirting with William, and then I find you two in our room, and you’re screaming while he fucks you from behind…  You cheated on me with my guy!

Renee: Baby girl , I said I was sorry OK!  I made a mistake – no actually I didn’t coz that boy was soooo huge!  (laughs)  

Lisette: Why do you think I wanted him? (giggle)  C'mon Momma, let’s work together for cock instead of fighting!  Tonight, I’m gonna steal your booty call – and we’ll be even! ;)

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Ginger said...

Lol, that's the problem with the family changing together! I know that she is going to get mom back real soon!