Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Best Vacation... Ever! (Audrey & twins and... their twins!)

The  Best Vacation...

Anton Hamilton and his twin teen sons, Owen and Colin, had their Florida vacation dealt an awful blow when they had to sit very close to a pale, sick person who was apparently a man but was being feminized by a virulent strain of “womanfluenza.”  The authorities mandated a quarantine of all passengers at Orlando airport.  Twelve unlucky males, and this included the Hamiltons, had caught the disease and were now in the stages of full gender transformation.   

Anton lay in bed hopelessly alongside his kids as their DNA was rewritten.  Two days later, they were now genetically girls.  Counselors worked with the stricken; the trio coped as one unit, each helping the other  accept their fate.  Anton was now Audrey, a buxom blonde lady, and her now twin daughters – Olivia and Chelsea were almost as well developed as Mom.   

They grew so close over the next few months, as they helped each other dress, do make up, and sort out of their new feelings and interests.  A vacation was both  therapy and exploration for these three lovely, shapely things, and they were ready to show off in some daring bikinis.  The twins were ready to leave for the beach, but Audrey backed off and was going to hang by the pool.    

As you would expect, the young hotties were boy magnets and Liv and Chel were quite interested in getting to know some of these studs better.  As was Mom – who met a hunky businessman at the pool.   

By the end of this trip, Audrey and her daughters would complete their transformation; these vixens surrendered their female virginities to their well endowed guys. They would always remember this vacation…

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Jodie Hyde said...

Nana, let's find a clinic that treats this terrible disease and volunteer regularly. Maybe after we can a long vacation.