Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 3G Reunion Program (Margaret is back in Anna's life)

for mature moms and daughters
A year ago, Anna Durbin was fretting about trying to get back into the life of her dad Myron.  Why?  Because 15 years ago, Anna was Alex, and she felt that her dad could not handle her “rebirth.

But what Anna didn't know was that Myron was also concerned, but he sought help from 3G after being referred to them by his psychiatrist.
This week, thanks to the Reunion Program, Myron embraced her child – and a new outlook on life – as the beautiful Margaret.  The Reunion team helped Maggie see that she was be a much better mom to Annie.

Annie was very accepting of her parent’s desire to get closer and she even relished helping her new mom  find a handsome guy to  go out with!  Sort of the birds and the bees; only the other way!


Anonymous said...

Another touching family reunion! In a sea of dirty, smutty captions, your a beacon of pure love and acceptance which is quite refreshing. But don't let that turn you away from indulging your kinky side ;)

Annabelle Hyde said...

Kyra, I'm always seeking to offer sides of naughty/kinky and sweet. Sometimes I merge them together; sometimes they stand on their own.

I will keep in mind what you like most, baby :*