Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MOTB Tales - Double Dare Ya! (Barbie goads Kristin into a gown)

MOTB Tales - Double Dare Ya!

Karl Kennedy had too much pride to go along with his buddy Don’s crazy bet – that is until he caught his son Brian wearing makeup and an old scarf; instead of flinching to his dad’s bigoted anger, Brian said he heard about Don’s challenge.   

“See how cute I look?  And where do you think I get my pretty bone structure and slight build from huh?”   

Somehow, Karl listened, and he bought in to the plan. 
“Aren’t you happy you listened to me, Mom?” whispered Barbie to her parent.   

Kristin squeezed her daughter’s hand tightly.  How did her former son know that she would be so happy as a mom, a sexy mature red-head, and as Don’s T-girl bride.  

 Barbie insisted on a double wedding – makes sense as Jeff was Den’s nephew – and the two newly married couples very much enjoyed the joint honeymoon!

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