Saturday, August 11, 2012

Madame Jae's: Hard Work Pays Off (Justina & fam also like to play...)

                 HARD WORK PAYS OFF!               

 16 year old Gina Hung and her 17 year old sister Mandy were quite giggly as they made their way to the banquet hall along with their mother, Dr. Justina Hung (42).  Justina had the brighest smile as her dear daughter and her were very much enjoying this long planned trip to Madame Jae’s.  

 In male mode, James Hung was very hard on his sons, requiring that George and Maxwell maintained honor society status at school and helped out around the house.  James had sacrificed too, and worked 60 hours in the ER before taking this long deserved break. Now Justina, looking like a goddess in her white gown, watched as her girls danced with several cute teen J-Club members before accepting Roger Cho’s hand in a dance.   

With the Jae Juice in their blood, Justina cautioned her girls against falling hard for any guy, but now her she was getting lost in her man’s eyes…


Anonymous said...

great love it

Anonymous said...

A well deserved reward for all their hard work!

Britney Shagwell said...

What a lovely group of young ladies :)

Thak you!