Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Like NEW Times (The start of a "family tradition")

 Dustin Garrett missed his old friends back on the  East Coast, not to mention his dad Johnny, but he really enjoyed getting to know his roommate Matt .  Matt lived an hour away and on certain weekends, Matt’s dad Phillip hosted both college boys.  But one late night , Dustin ran into “Penny” – Phil in lady mode – in the hallway going to the bathroom.
Penny was embarrassed but Dustin  put her mind at ease, and he showed her pictures long hidden on his iPhone of “Danielle”, the cute blonde that had not been seen at the college.  Penny brought her new “niece” into her boudoir and called “Molly” to come in so that Molly’s mom could pretty both of them up.  Danni then Skype’d home – and after a quick explanation via text message,  “Jaclyn” was reunited with her daughter, and introduced to what would become new family.   Jacki flew out the next month to meet her daughter, sister, niece, and some hunks!

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Kyra Hyde said...

A beautiful tradition if I've ever seen one! Proof that family isn't limited to blood, and some of your closest and most treasured family might not even be "related".