Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is this really a PUNISHMENT? (Let's ask Minnie & Randi)

Is this really a PUNISHMENT?

“Ever since I was caught trying to steal cash receipts from my employer John,” cooed Randi (nee Rich) Wolfe, 39, “I have been subjected to being John’s love slave.  I had no idea that he was the son of gypsies and a practicing warlock,” cooed the transformed father of Melvin, 18.   

“I also had no idea that having his cock in any hole of my body, but especially between my lips, was such a pleasurable feeling.  That and these very large, very sensitive breasts.”  

 Randi loved her slutty new existence so much, it made Mel a little jealous.  So when the kid came home from school no longer a straight-A student, Randi convinced John to teach Mel a lesson SHE wouldn’t forget.   

“Just watch what Mom does  to her Master – you’re next for your punishment,” Randi said with a wink.  

 The newly busty and babe-licious Minnie licked her pretty lips as she watched her Mom inhale John’s large tool.  Minnie would go on to master the art of the blow job – no surprise, as her Mom was a great role model for her new life of sluttiness!


Kyra Hyde said...

Can you punish me too? What did I do? I uh.. I was jaywalking! yeah. I really need to be punished for that. Pretty please?

Ginger said...

I think I failed a couple classes too... guess I need to be punished!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Stand in line, girls. I must be dealt with, because I (sniff)... I pulled the tag off the mattress! (boo hoo)

Jodie Hyde said...

Let's see, what can I be punished for? I spilled beer at a party last week, passed out with my shoes on, and oh, worst of all, I wore a black skirt and stockings with brown boots! Is two party fouls and a fashion penalty enough for punishment? I sure hope so.;)