Saturday, August 18, 2012

"I Just Knew..." (Adrienne shares her gift with her family)

“I just knew they’d come around…”

Alfred Taylor congratulated herself as she posed for this tri-generation photo of herself, her son Wayne, and Wayne’s son Lionel.  Ever since Alfred became Adrienne, she kept the wonderful femme feelings to herself, so as not to upset the kids. 

But she loved them to much and after exposing herself as mom and grandma, she slipping the shocked duo some of that magical liquid in some wine – just to give them a glimpse.  The newly shaped Wendy and Lucy, despite themselves, love the way they look and feel, and so they are grateful to Adrienne, they paid for this photo shoot. 
“Now…  how will they thank me after they experience sex as a woman for the first time?,” the sultry senior laughed to herself.

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Ginger said...

That feeling is going to be worth a lot more than a photo shoot! It might almost be priceless! Good Cap