Thursday, August 16, 2012

Going All In (Karen & Nicole are a "sure bet")

Going All In

Keith Wagner loved to play poker, - a bit too much.  He racked up some serious debts, and the mobsters who ran the local games told him to pay up – and if he didn’t have the cash, then either he or his son Nathan might find a body part missing.   

Keith turned to his cousin Joanna, who had the cash – she ran a salon and spa – but also wanted to get back at Keith for years of brutish behavior.  Not to mention that Joanna helped raised her nephew, and she had already shown Nathan his feminine side – a hot blonde named Nicole.  Joanna took care of her brother’s debt but now he owed her, and the payoff was very unique.  

On Saturday,  a hot blonde MILF named Karen came to O’Malley’s bar.  She clung to the side of her daughter Nicole, who “introduced” Karen to the thugs who ran the poker party.   Joanna watched from the bar with a smirk.  How many cocks would her “girls” be introduced to before their debt was paid?   

She never found out, as Karen and Nicole were “all in;” they loved their new lives so much, they never “cashed out”!


Kyra Hyde said...

So, did get ever lose that body part the mobsters promised? 'Poker's more fun the more guys you can fit in ;)

Ginger said...

ohhh I want to go "All In" great cap!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Ginger! Thanks for the great shout out!