Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bet They Can't Tell! (what's on Sabrina and Amy's mind?)

Bet They Can’t Tell!!

Sabrina (43): Jeff? Paul?  Hi, we’re your dates tonight!

Paul (42):  Wow, our buddies Stu Wickers and his son Adam set you up as our blind dates.  So you’re mom and daughter eh?

Amy (21): That’s us, although having such a hot mom means I have to work extra hard just to get noticed by some guys!

Jeff (21): I noticed you right away, honey.  Especially with those tight dresses and high heels.  Man, I gotta thank those guys!

Sabrina:  Well I just got a text from them saying they were running real late, but let’s not let  that stop us from getting this party started.  Let’s have some drinks and get acquainted…

Of course, the “guys” didn’t show for several hours – long enough for this foursome to hit several bars, go dancing, and make out in the back of Paul’s van.  To keep the “boys” hidden, Sabrina and Amy used their oral and anal skills to distract their horny, well endowed friends. 


Anonymous said...

They're bound to get suspicious eventually. Though with such skilled and attractive ladies, I doubt they'll be missing their Stu and Adam

Dee Mentia said...

Wonder what the actual back story is on this tale! Made me wonder!