Sunday, August 5, 2012

A “Grand” Summer! (Lynne's experience helps Julie grow)

A “Grand” Summer!

Lester  Turner assured his daughter that if his grandson  Jeremy spent the summer with him, he’d weed out all of these “sissy” feelings the boy was having.  But Sally Turner knew her father was very much like her son – and she snuck away from the city to visit her family at the shore.   

When Sally got Les’s house, she wasn’t shocked to see Lynne, her dad’s alter-ego, answer the door.  She also was ready to encounter her part-time daughter Julie, who seemed to have inherited her “grandma's” bright red locks, ultra-white smile, and bountiful curves.  That being said, seeing her loved ones making out with two handsome fellows was a bit of a shock.   

“See, we’re replacing those sissy boy feelings with pretty girl feelings,” explained Lynne with a wink.   

“And Grams said I needed a  proper role model as a girl while you were away, Mom,” Julie giggled.  “And I have enjoyed how she used some little tricks to control her man, Mr. Warren.  So when they introduced me to his nephew, Mike, well…”   

Lynne blushed, and diverted from Sally’s stern stare.

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