Thursday, August 9, 2012

600TH POST! Coping Mechanism (A changed family brings changed desires)

Coping Mechanism
Our whole world changed in an instant.  Some fuckin’ terrorist set off a DNA bomb, and my Dad and I were changed into two women – no make that two busty bitches.  It was not fair!  I was Ben Jacoby, star athlete and ladies man – just like my dad Glen was.  And now, our dicks were gone, and we had these massive tits on our chest!  Long black hair, soft skin – the works!  And worst of all – Dad was getting into it all!  He insisted on being called “Gretchen” or “Mom” and…


OMG –is he – she – doing what I think she… she’s…

No this is wrong.  This is so so wrong it’s…. (gasp)…

“Oh Dad – Mom – how did you know that… mmmmm

Feels pretty damm good, doesn’t it, BETHANY?  Awww, you’re first orgasm.  Now – pay attention to Mommy.  It’s time to accept what happened to us.  We’re girls now baby.  And girls have needs.  They need to be appreciated, worshipped, and treated with tender loving care.  And they need to be FUCKED.   

I have some toys I can use, but you taste so good, honey.  And yes, mommies and daughters doing it is very kinky, but (giggle) that’s what we are.   

That’s it, come Beth – easy.  Just wait until we get to share our first real stud.  Until then… you’re mine – all night, every night.  Soon you’ll be serving MY carnal needs, and then… we’ll go out and get some hard COCK we can BOTH share!  

Oh Mom!!! OH GOD... YES!!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh mommy! That's so dirty and wrong, it feels wonderfully sinful! Mmmm now you've got me thinking of some very special bonding time ;)

Love you!
<3 Kyra

Annabelle Hyde said...

In addition to this being post 600, my subscriber count is up to 299! Almost 300 family members - but still only 1 Kyra. xxoooo

Britney Shagwell said...

Huge congratz on your 600 and your 299!!!



Rauk said...

Hey Annabelle

I have no idea how I've gone this long without following your blog, but that is an error I finally fixed.

Congrats on 600 posts, and now on hitting 300 followers!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Thank you Rauk, your blog "rocks"! Big fan! Thanks Brit baby, you're the superstar of the week ;)

Britney Shagwell said...


Don't know if you saw it, but in honor of your 600 posts, 300 followers, and MY first week-erversary, I posted a "homage" caption for you and your Blog :)