Thursday, August 30, 2012

Social Media Whores (The Nash girls say "click me here")

Nash Motors has been making corny car commercials for years!
Nick Nash seemingly has passed on his self-promotional skills to his son Clay and grandson Denny. They should have spent more attention on customer service.  

 After pissing off Mrs. Ronaldo for the last time, she turned to her magical tomes to teach the family a lesson in respecting their clients’ intelligence.
Now the whole town thinks that Noreen, Christine, and Darla have been mother, daughter and granddaughter, and that in addition to owning a car dealership that the trio are not only self-promotional whores – they’re whores PERIOD. 
And you can check them out online... :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MOTB Tales - Double Dare Ya! (Barbie goads Kristin into a gown)

MOTB Tales - Double Dare Ya!

Karl Kennedy had too much pride to go along with his buddy Don’s crazy bet – that is until he caught his son Brian wearing makeup and an old scarf; instead of flinching to his dad’s bigoted anger, Brian said he heard about Don’s challenge.   

“See how cute I look?  And where do you think I get my pretty bone structure and slight build from huh?”   

Somehow, Karl listened, and he bought in to the plan. 
“Aren’t you happy you listened to me, Mom?” whispered Barbie to her parent.   

Kristin squeezed her daughter’s hand tightly.  How did her former son know that she would be so happy as a mom, a sexy mature red-head, and as Don’s T-girl bride.  

 Barbie insisted on a double wedding – makes sense as Jeff was Den’s nephew – and the two newly married couples very much enjoyed the joint honeymoon!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is this really a PUNISHMENT? (Let's ask Minnie & Randi)

Is this really a PUNISHMENT?

“Ever since I was caught trying to steal cash receipts from my employer John,” cooed Randi (nee Rich) Wolfe, 39, “I have been subjected to being John’s love slave.  I had no idea that he was the son of gypsies and a practicing warlock,” cooed the transformed father of Melvin, 18.   

“I also had no idea that having his cock in any hole of my body, but especially between my lips, was such a pleasurable feeling.  That and these very large, very sensitive breasts.”  

 Randi loved her slutty new existence so much, it made Mel a little jealous.  So when the kid came home from school no longer a straight-A student, Randi convinced John to teach Mel a lesson SHE wouldn’t forget.   

“Just watch what Mom does  to her Master – you’re next for your punishment,” Randi said with a wink.  

 The newly busty and babe-licious Minnie licked her pretty lips as she watched her Mom inhale John’s large tool.  Minnie would go on to master the art of the blow job – no surprise, as her Mom was a great role model for her new life of sluttiness!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Best Vacation... Ever! (Audrey & twins and... their twins!)

The  Best Vacation...

Anton Hamilton and his twin teen sons, Owen and Colin, had their Florida vacation dealt an awful blow when they had to sit very close to a pale, sick person who was apparently a man but was being feminized by a virulent strain of “womanfluenza.”  The authorities mandated a quarantine of all passengers at Orlando airport.  Twelve unlucky males, and this included the Hamiltons, had caught the disease and were now in the stages of full gender transformation.   

Anton lay in bed hopelessly alongside his kids as their DNA was rewritten.  Two days later, they were now genetically girls.  Counselors worked with the stricken; the trio coped as one unit, each helping the other  accept their fate.  Anton was now Audrey, a buxom blonde lady, and her now twin daughters – Olivia and Chelsea were almost as well developed as Mom.   

They grew so close over the next few months, as they helped each other dress, do make up, and sort out of their new feelings and interests.  A vacation was both  therapy and exploration for these three lovely, shapely things, and they were ready to show off in some daring bikinis.  The twins were ready to leave for the beach, but Audrey backed off and was going to hang by the pool.    

As you would expect, the young hotties were boy magnets and Liv and Chel were quite interested in getting to know some of these studs better.  As was Mom – who met a hunky businessman at the pool.   

By the end of this trip, Audrey and her daughters would complete their transformation; these vixens surrendered their female virginities to their well endowed guys. They would always remember this vacation…

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bet They Can't Tell! (what's on Sabrina and Amy's mind?)

Bet They Can’t Tell!!

Sabrina (43): Jeff? Paul?  Hi, we’re your dates tonight!

Paul (42):  Wow, our buddies Stu Wickers and his son Adam set you up as our blind dates.  So you’re mom and daughter eh?

Amy (21): That’s us, although having such a hot mom means I have to work extra hard just to get noticed by some guys!

Jeff (21): I noticed you right away, honey.  Especially with those tight dresses and high heels.  Man, I gotta thank those guys!

Sabrina:  Well I just got a text from them saying they were running real late, but let’s not let  that stop us from getting this party started.  Let’s have some drinks and get acquainted…

Of course, the “guys” didn’t show for several hours – long enough for this foursome to hit several bars, go dancing, and make out in the back of Paul’s van.  To keep the “boys” hidden, Sabrina and Amy used their oral and anal skills to distract their horny, well endowed friends. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Talk: Dealing With Change (Renee & Lisette walk the walk...)

The Talk:
Robert:   Baby, you cannot go through life being so pissed off about this sudden gender change, and giving me such an attitude.  It’s was a chemical plant accident, you know!

Luther: No it isn’t – “DAD” – but that doesn’t mean you can lose your damn mind and embarrass me like this.  No way no how!

Renee: Watch your tone, young lady – and I’m your mother now, so use the right pronoun.  Look – I know that booking this vacation on this nude beach with all of these fine horny men – it may more than you want to handle right now – but look at us.  We’re gorgeous and we know it.  Gotta jump into sex with guys both feet huh?  Just like we did with shopping and hair care!

Lisette: It’s not that Momma; I agree with you or else I wouldn’t come.  But you know damm well I was flirting with William, and then I find you two in our room, and you’re screaming while he fucks you from behind…  You cheated on me with my guy!

Renee: Baby girl , I said I was sorry OK!  I made a mistake – no actually I didn’t coz that boy was soooo huge!  (laughs)  

Lisette: Why do you think I wanted him? (giggle)  C'mon Momma, let’s work together for cock instead of fighting!  Tonight, I’m gonna steal your booty call – and we’ll be even! ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are Together (Penny & Dianna support each other)

We are Together

CIA agent Donald Schmidt was a target of terror agents – they had already firebombed his house, killing his wife and nearly finishing him and his son Patrick.  Now WITSEC has placed them with new identities – female identities.  They are now two beautiful blondes – mother and daughter – and it will take all of “Dad’s” motherly charms to sooth her “son” on this night…

Penny: Mom, I’m so nervous.  I never wanted to be a girl but I do love the way we both look.  We’re so close now, but… are ready for dating so soon?

Dianna: I think we’re going to find out in about 15 minutes, honey.  We had to stay strong, for Janice’s sake, she’s looking down on us.  And we’ve been so well trained by WITSEC.  They picked out two guys who are very cute, and… I’m looking forward to this.

Penny: Would you… sleep with him… Mom?

Dianna: (Sigh).  Truthfully?  Maybe.  I am so full of estrogen now, I feel like a cat in heat.  I just want to be held, Penny, and kissed, and…  well, I just want to see what this is all about.  Now, you’re my primary responsibility, and as a mother to a teenage girl, I need to set a good example.  I’m not some slut, I'm your mom, and I love you more than anything else.

 Penny: (Kiss) I love you too Mommy!  I’m so glad we’re together as girls – and sexy girls at that!          (Giggle)                                                                                                                                                                      

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We interrupt this blog and it's "sweet debauchery"...

for some comments from yours truly on a variety of topics.  Kind of a mish mash o' things:

The "Annabelle Style":  I've had great feedback on my style and the stories I tell with my work.  Several have commented that in a blogosphere of all sex and femme domination and cuckolding, my work sort of stands out as a place of purity.  On the other hand, the sexual side of my work also gets kudos.  Ideally, I like to marry the two concepts.  This is sort of my "workflow chart" for a lot of my stories.

1. Father and son (also uncles, nephews, etc), at various levels of closeness and attitudes
2. Change happens to one or both
3. Eventually changes to both
4. Attitudes "improve" whether it be their interpersonal relationship, they live their lives with a better purpose, etc.  This also applies to desires - and the desires always include new feelings about being a woman and being treated by one by a potential new lover.
5.  This is always the part that means the most to me: The transformees accept themselves and their family member in their new role.  Dad to Mom, Son to Daughter, and so on.  The bonding as a family of women locks in their new outlooks.  
6. Happy ending (yea, I'm a Pollyanna - a Polly-Annabelle, that is) ;)

The Ever Growing "Family"

My  blog is really a portal to a wonderfully sexy and silly world where I get to play with other girls who enjoy making their own caps, flirting with each other, providing encouragement, and look out for each other.  Whether you want to go along with making me your hot "mommy" or not is your call, but I love having you as a dear online friend, and "playing" with you.  

Just like my blog, sometimes I'm all cutesy, but other times I'm just a horny bitch looking for some trouble. 

I have shared my affection/appreciation to several of you "regs."   Often it's funny and sexy, but sometimes you hear the hints of "real life" creeping in and it adds some perspective who you are and why you are here.  I too have a "real life" and it is usually manageable but sometimes get challenging from work, etc.   

"All the world's a stage, and we are merely players..."  Both Shakespeare and Neil Peart go it right.  But we are performers and people.  We are the girls that we choose to be, whatever you happen to be wearing (or not) at the moment..

Evie, Alectra, and Kyra are sort of my original "triplets" and I always want to see what they are up to and participate. Evie is the sun of this solar system we are all in.  Her light shines on all of us, and we are warmed by it.  You cannot help but be drawn to her (right Kyra?)
Beneath Alectra's PVC is a hottie with a heart of gold :)  (PS: Get well soon, sweetheart!) Kyra is there every day, it seems, with an appreciative comment, a wicked idea, or both.   She loves unconditionally, as do all 3 of them, and I can only match their devotion to me by loving them back.

Jodie "Kitten" is growing into her comfort as who she wants to be, and I love to see that.  

Anne Oni Mouse is a highly original, smart and prolific little lady who does NOT get enough love on her own blog - me included.

Diane Leonard is the original high priesteses of TG captioning.  She deserves your worship.

Hrdknight always gives you two great caps every day.  Who needs sunrise or sunset? :p

Courtney's got a very unique blog with now several other gals pitching in with ideas. It keeps her work very fresh.  She's a super sweetheart and a big supporter of my work.

Where the hell did Brittney Shagwell  come from?  LOL - wherever she did, she is an amazing ball of fire and quickly has become a fave amongst many of us.  What energy, and what a wicked little mind she has.  Some of her very recent work are just - OMG.

(Brit's flourish reminds me of a gal who I'm sad to see has listed her blog as closed - Steffimarichen.  I hope Steff is reading and she knows that many miss her - me included :|.  I also hope that Tiffany Manners AKA Julie gets back in the game soon.)

I just "met" Ginger this week and she's already commented and made me a tribute cap.  Looking forward to spending more time in your arena. :)  I plan on doing the same for our new friend, LisaAnn.

Long before blogs, I was in Yahoo Groups and followed many including BeckyS, who made these amazing sweet and sexy caps that is probably my greatest influence, along with the fiction of Karen Elizabeth L.    She is my blogroll now.

Victoria Hyde's Codex of Corruption seems to not have a lot in common with my stuff, but this "soul cookie" does have a heart, and smarts, and owns your attention.  More on her in the next topic.

TG Captions and Cash Flows

Victoria was the one who alerted most of us of the blogger who reblogged some of our work for their site.  No worries in most cases, as that's what Tumblr lets you do.  But the linking to Amazon referrals was not cool.  I fell for that far too often, and even wondered aloud - so what?  What's what is that by bringing e-commerce to a fun activity, it may lead to bad implications for us non-profiteers.  I do use a lot of photographic sources and I want to continue to do so.  I need to stay away from any commercial sites that may not have clearance to profit from these images, and imply that I make money from them.  I do this for fun and  frolic.   Thanks Victoria and all who helped spread the word.

Coming Soon
I always have  10-12 caps done ahead of time and I use scheduling to upload them - one a day typically on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

I am working on a story multi-cap using images from a sitcom from the 90s, mixed with photos of the actresses today.

I have been lacking in my time on Rachel's Haven.  Please visit them and you are able, please donate so you can download one of their quarterly zines.  You'll help them pay their server fees.  They have had issues with Paypal over their content.  SUPPORT THEM!

I know a lot about many of you in terms of your "desires" but what else are you into?  TV shows, music, sports, hobbies. Feel free to comment!

My "avatar" for the past few months is Jewels Jade, and I think she represents who I could become if I just had the magic medallion or glass of Elixir handy. :)  I fell in love with her body and look from the porn series "Fuck Mommy and Me" where she is paired with  Gracie Glam and a hard stud.  Check out pichunter for more of her.

I will come back to this and add links!  Gotta go shop for groceries.  And perhaps a bag boy or too. ;)

Love, Annie

"I Just Knew..." (Adrienne shares her gift with her family)

“I just knew they’d come around…”

Alfred Taylor congratulated herself as she posed for this tri-generation photo of herself, her son Wayne, and Wayne’s son Lionel.  Ever since Alfred became Adrienne, she kept the wonderful femme feelings to herself, so as not to upset the kids. 

But she loved them to much and after exposing herself as mom and grandma, she slipping the shocked duo some of that magical liquid in some wine – just to give them a glimpse.  The newly shaped Wendy and Lucy, despite themselves, love the way they look and feel, and so they are grateful to Adrienne, they paid for this photo shoot. 
“Now…  how will they thank me after they experience sex as a woman for the first time?,” the sultry senior laughed to herself.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Going All In (Karen & Nicole are a "sure bet")

Going All In

Keith Wagner loved to play poker, - a bit too much.  He racked up some serious debts, and the mobsters who ran the local games told him to pay up – and if he didn’t have the cash, then either he or his son Nathan might find a body part missing.   

Keith turned to his cousin Joanna, who had the cash – she ran a salon and spa – but also wanted to get back at Keith for years of brutish behavior.  Not to mention that Joanna helped raised her nephew, and she had already shown Nathan his feminine side – a hot blonde named Nicole.  Joanna took care of her brother’s debt but now he owed her, and the payoff was very unique.  

On Saturday,  a hot blonde MILF named Karen came to O’Malley’s bar.  She clung to the side of her daughter Nicole, who “introduced” Karen to the thugs who ran the poker party.   Joanna watched from the bar with a smirk.  How many cocks would her “girls” be introduced to before their debt was paid?   

She never found out, as Karen and Nicole were “all in;” they loved their new lives so much, they never “cashed out”!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 3G Reunion Program (Margaret is back in Anna's life)

for mature moms and daughters
A year ago, Anna Durbin was fretting about trying to get back into the life of her dad Myron.  Why?  Because 15 years ago, Anna was Alex, and she felt that her dad could not handle her “rebirth.

But what Anna didn't know was that Myron was also concerned, but he sought help from 3G after being referred to them by his psychiatrist.
This week, thanks to the Reunion Program, Myron embraced her child – and a new outlook on life – as the beautiful Margaret.  The Reunion team helped Maggie see that she was be a much better mom to Annie.

Annie was very accepting of her parent’s desire to get closer and she even relished helping her new mom  find a handsome guy to  go out with!  Sort of the birds and the bees; only the other way!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

College Is Tough... (Kendra "schools" Stephanie)

COLLEGE IS TOUGH!   (but being a girl is sweet! )

Kendra Price was born a conflicted guy named Kevin, but she found was happy to make the switch from dad to mom when the birth mother of their son, Scott, left them.  Now Scottie loved his Mom, and was proud of her bravely changing her sex, but he wasn’t the most studious kid you ever saw.  He barely made it through high school and was struggling at the local college, and he was fretting the possibility of flunking out.   

“I just can’t focus, Mom,” he told Kendra, who was upset that he wanted to sleep in and then roll out of bed like a slob.

“If you were a girl, you’d have to get up extra early to fix your hair, your makeup.  Hey – how about we hold a little experiment?”   

Scott feigned resistance, but Mom knew his secret about how he secretly wore panties.  His hair was already long, and after a trip to the mall – voila – the lovely Stephanie Price was a cute co-ed.   Steph’s grades did a 180, and her mom/coach brought out a ton of confidence in her. 

That spring, she graduated, and Mom had a great gift for her new daughter.  “My boyfriend has this cute son your age…”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Madame Jae's: Hard Work Pays Off (Justina & fam also like to play...)

                 HARD WORK PAYS OFF!               

 16 year old Gina Hung and her 17 year old sister Mandy were quite giggly as they made their way to the banquet hall along with their mother, Dr. Justina Hung (42).  Justina had the brighest smile as her dear daughter and her were very much enjoying this long planned trip to Madame Jae’s.  

 In male mode, James Hung was very hard on his sons, requiring that George and Maxwell maintained honor society status at school and helped out around the house.  James had sacrificed too, and worked 60 hours in the ER before taking this long deserved break. Now Justina, looking like a goddess in her white gown, watched as her girls danced with several cute teen J-Club members before accepting Roger Cho’s hand in a dance.   

With the Jae Juice in their blood, Justina cautioned her girls against falling hard for any guy, but now her she was getting lost in her man’s eyes…