Saturday, July 28, 2012

Training Regimen (Rachel and Mary celebrate the "Games")

Training Regimen 

Inspired by the Olympic competition in London, out of shape Rick Lombardi and his dad Mike took to the beach to jog off the excess pounds.  The diet supplement they took had some added side effects that required Rachel and Mary to get some new beachwear – that included tops.   

Too bad, because mom and daughter now have gold medal bodies that will make you  swell with pride – or just swell up!


Anonymous said...

thank you for all your caps i love them

Annabelle Hyde said...

Thanks Barbie! :)

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to know the bran of supplements they used, would you? I ask for a friend of mine >.>

Anonymous said...

Kyra i get mine out of florida 2 months supple there 3 bottles for 75.00 you can e-mail me if you like