Friday, July 27, 2012

The Hunt For Happiness (A previous cap retold and expanded)

The Hunt For Happiness
Nobody would ever accuse Tom Caldwell, 62,  of not being a real man.  The ex-Marine had worked 25 years with the State Police before retiring to the north country.  One April weekend Tom’s son Gary (35, now a sergeant with the troopers) and grandson Mike (10, wannabe future airline pilot) visited the old man to go hunting for rabbits.  Please, these guys don’t want to hear your Elmer Fudd jokes.  They took this retreat seriously; dressed in camo, with telescopic sights on their riles.  If this was winter, they’d be chasing deer or waterfowl.  


Wandering off the designated hunting grounds, the boys suddenly found themselves in some foul smelling mud.  Mike, the smallest,  began to grow weary quickly, which surprised his elders, as he had been excited to join Dad and  Gramps this round.  They decided to head back to the truck an as they sloshed through the muck, both Gary and Tom grew dizzy.  Gary reached for a radio to call in SOS, but he was too weak to do so.  Tom feared his family would meet their doom in this desolate area, and he gasped what he thought was his last breath.

All three passed out next to a decayed oak tree.  That’s where the EPA crews found them.  A local logging company had released some runoff into the valley, causing a chain reaction with the marsh waters.  The Caldwells were caught in the chemical soup that had been caused.
Tom awoke in a hospital to three shocks: his long lost blonde hair, now longer than ever, in his eyes.  The other two shocks were on his chest – woman’s breasts.  He called out for his son and grandson, only to hear his own voice, much higher, and definitely feminine.  His last denial of his changes came when he stuck his smaller fingers under her hospital gown.

Tom met with several doctors, an EPA official, and lawyers representing the logger carefully explained to Tom that the three of them were in comas for about 2 weeks while the chemicals had begun to transmute the testosterone in their bodies to organic estrogen and their bodies had begun to show classic female characteristics. 

They had an offer for the family.  In exchange for silence (to avoid outrage in the community and loss of jobs from the massive fines), the company would work with the FBI Witness Protection group to give the Caldwells’ new identities and a new life.  Tom asked that he talk with Gary and Mike.  

Gary now resembled a gorgeous blonde model, and she held an angelic looking young girl in her arms.  The new females sobbed and hugged for an eternity.

“No matter what,” Tom stated, “we need to be all for this, and we all need to stay together to take care of each other.”

  Of course , all three agreed. 

The following April…
 Trudie Landry (Tom’s mother’s maiden name) has given up hunting for gardening, and based on her experience, she refuses to use any chemical treatments on her azaleas. Her beautiful home down South is matched and exceeded by the three stunning blondes living inside.

Young Marissa still dreams of flying one day; but aware of her new sex, she also has developed a strong appreciation for fashion, and she is her new Grandma and Mom’s most encouraging fan for looking pretty.

Gayle is still in law enforcement, only now working in the forensic lab with the local sheriff -  now able to devote many more hours to her daughter and her new social life.  The logging company continues to support the family with a beautiful  new mansion in the next county.  The trio want for no amenity – and with these ladies, the shopping budget is quite high.
  The company also pays for the counseling they all need as they face life as women – especially a crash course on how their new female hormones  have forever changed their outlook on romance and intimacy.

In fact, tonight Gayle is taking her mom out on a double date.  An amused Trudie said (with a wink) , “Well, we always enjoyed hunting… I just never thought we’d go out hunting for husbands!”  Gayle giggled and showed her mom the 4” heels she planned on wearing.  A far cry from camouflage!
The gentlemen who escorted Gayle and Trudie were indeed gentlemen, and it definitely a good idea for the mother daughter pair to go together – those trips to the bathroom to help each coach the other paid off.

Marissa watched from her bedroom window as her role models said goodnight to their dates with smiles and sweet kisses.  The soon to be preteen had been asleep and dreaming of her future Prince Charming.

But the bustle outside made Marissa curious and a little jealous of the hunks that Mom and Grandma had landed.  About 30 minutes later, the pretty young girl then heard the older blondes trying NOT to giggle too loudly from Trudie’s master bedroom.   The temptation was too much!  

Finally, Marissa joined mom and grams in bed; all three of them stayed up all night cuddled under the sheets, as they talked about their dreams .  One day, all three Landry lovelies would be successful at the hunt.


Kyra Hyde said...

Such a lovely trio, I'm sure they'll have no trouble in their hunts ;)

Evie said...

I like your longer work, there's a lot of great story built up in this. That's definitely an ending we can all be happy with...

Annabelle Hyde said...

This was a an old one panel cap with a low res image, I found three more and decided to expand it. :) Thx ladies