Sunday, July 1, 2012

That’s Granddad? (and I'm off on vacation!)

That’s Granddad?

Will: Granddad! OMG!  He – she looks like a SI swimsuit model!  Not a 55 year old woman –or man!  Wow, I was so amazed when you and I – father and son – used that magic chant to transform into the hot babes we are…

Jeff: Well, he was always in good athletic shape like us.  But yea, she’s turned out to have quite the curvy figure.

Winnie: Like mother like daughter (looks down at her chest) and maybe someday – like granddaughter.

Juliet: Honey, you’re 16 going on 36-24-36, trust me.  Now look, I don’t know if she’s ready to think of herself as a granny.  Just refer to Granddad Alex as “Aksana.”  I love that name, as it refers back to our Russian heritage.  Don’t you love it, Winnie?  We’re like three czarinas!

Winnie:  I do, but our forefathers – or foremothers – didn’t wear bikinis around the Kremlin.  Hey – she’s coming this way!  (waves) Aksana!  How do you feel?

Aksana:  This is incredible girls.  When I first saw my… MY breasts, I thought I would never get used to them.  Now I feel so free in this swimsuit – they move with…

Juliet: Now mother – our Winnie is feeling kind of sensitive about the “development”  she has left to do.

Aksana: My little angel, look at all of the men on this beach staring at us.  It’s a new experience for all of us!

Winnie: Yes, and we will never ever forget this vacation!


Anonymous said...

*whistles* Grandma's looking hot! Are you sure that spell didn't shave off a few years? I love the line "16 going on 36-24-36".

Have a great vacation Mom! Enjoy your new bikini ;)

Annabelle Raven said...

Believe it or not, Kyra, that "grandma" is really 52, and a European music producer who lives in Miami and is a subject the Egotastic website, for being a 50+ fox who rocks bikinis on South Beach. Google "Rita Rusic" and look for images. ;)

I am actually leaving for va-cay around the 4th but I am putting posting on the side for a wee bit. Look for me to return later this month. Luvya :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I could look that good now, never mind when I'm in my fifties!

Have a great vacation, we'll miss you, but have a good break!