Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quick Update (returning in about a week)

Hi gang!  I sure have missed making caps and posting and making the rounds of the other blogs.  I am still out of pocket for another week, but I did visit many of my faves.  Some of the "dailys" like Diane Leonard and Knights are in full swing - and when I left, my sweet Evie was creating like a madwoman.  I know she and Kyra have grown closer and I couldn't be happier for them.

And then I was amazed to learn that Evie is now a "mom" herself, to a girl named Jodie.  Jodie has her own new blog and I can't think of a better adoption, next to my own adoptions of Evie, Kyra, Alectra, Victoria, et al.

But now I realize that my daughter's daughter is my... granddaughter? o.O  I'm a grandmother!  Wow!  Should I now cease making sexy caps and now focus on stories of making peach cobbler, knitting, playing bridge with the ladies down the hall, and other "old lady" stuff?  Take the next jet to Boca Raton, and get a condo that's tiny and easy to take care of?  Sell my stocks and buy CDs?  Make sure I'm getting enough calcium?


If you've paid any attention to my work, you'll know that I love the concept of a "mature" woman who carries on like a younger hottie.  Stars like Susan Sarandon, Jane Seymour, Helen Mirren and Susan Lucci are idols of mine!  They've turned back time with their sexual appetites.  A woman who can make a man half her age hard as a rock!

OK enough silly rambling.  Jodie, on your blog, you asked me what you should call me, and I was already thinking ahead about that last night.   I was thinking of Nana or Nanny - or perhaps Nana-Belle or Nanny Annie.  Does that work for you, Kitten?  And I've decided (woman's prerogative) that you will be Kitten to me ;)  Nana needs to give you a name too, dear child. 

Now, I will not be your blue haired granny, let me warn you Kitten.  I will be right there with you (and your Mom and Kyra) shopping for sexy dresses and high heels and naughty lingerie.  I will be rocking as tiny a bikini as you will.  And I will show you what it's like to by a Hyde Honey.  I'm sure we'll be sharing as many cocks as I have with my daughters.  

I am so looking forward to "spoiling" my granddaughter! And I look forward to being productive again soon.  Until then, tata...

PS: I'm also redoing my look when I get back, and I've already changed my profile name to Annabelle Hyde, because I'm embracing my role as the head of the family.  Kyra, I'd love to see you do the same. ;)


Chaosbeast said...

Ill get around to it I promise! I've been a little more absorbed in Evie than usual lately. I'm not expecting that to change, just getting used to balancing my extra sexy time with Lovely and maintaining my blog'n stuff. At least now you won't be pressuring Evie and I to have kids. ;) Jodie makes such a perfect addition to our very special family.

I hope you're having a wonderful vacation Mom! I look forward to seeing your return!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Aww Kyra, what kind of mom would I be if I didn't nag? :p Yes, I'm loving the "Jodie effect" and the HEAT coming from you two lovebirds. I guess while you and Evie will be in the bedroom nonstop it will fall to me to take our Kitten out to our favorite haunts. ;)

Jodie Hyde said...

Hey Nana Belle! Hehe. I think I'll enjoy being your kitten;) And if Momma Evie and Kyra want to play together, then Nana and me can have lots of bonding time. But we Hyde girls gotta get together every now and then to slut up the town.

And Nana, did you have anything in mind for your makeover? I'd love do something special for my new family.

Annabelle Hyde said...

Kitten, when I get back, I have a look in mind. But I would to see what you can come up with too. I agree, we will have some great times while my daughters (your mom and your Auntie K) have their play time, but I'm looking forward to the four of us on the prowl for some studs. We'll be like a nasty family version of Sex in the City. ;)

In the meantime, I want to see my pretty Kitty show me what kind of slut my new granddaughter can be. And when I'm back, Nana will teach you a thing or two. xxoo

Jodie Hyde said...

Ok Nana. I promise to be a very bad girl;)

Kyra Hyde said...

Now Jodie, I want you to take it easy your first time out with Nana-belle. No more than one guy at a time for the both of you. You both have lots to talk about and learn from each other and that'll be difficult with your usual herd of men waiting to stick their cocks in your mouths. (I'm looking at you Mom ;) )

Thank you for the nagging, I have been meaning to change it for a while now. Makes me feel so much better!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Oh lookie! Our Kyra is now "Kyra Hyde"! It looks great on you hun.

Kitten, pay no attention to the silly woman. You learn by doing... as much sweet man-meat as you can get your painted nails on! ;) And Auntie Kyra knows that oh so well :p

Jodie Hyde said...

Yeah, I know about Auntie Kyra;) And the Hyde name does look good on her. And don't worry Nana, I intend to do as much as I can handle;) and maybe then some. Aunt Kyra is welcome to join me anytime she wants;)