Saturday, July 21, 2012

"My Unique Family" as told by "Lil Kitten" Jodie (Nana helped!) ;)

My Unique Family… by Jodie Hyde
I have such a large family of sexy shemales that it’s hard for all of us to be together at once.  Today, Aunties Alectra & Emily are off being naughty somewhere else (giggle).  This picture shows off  the boob jobs that  my mother Evie, Kyra, my lovely “Nana Belle” Annie, and Aunties Jo and Vicki all got this year.  

 Now, as a teen hottie, I won’t be going under the knife for as few years, but the hormones have already given me a sweet pair of titties.  Because it’s so hot outside, we hotties are having a pool party with some “friends.”  

 Will the Hyde Honeys misbehave?

What do YOU think?

 Nana already told me, “Now Kitten, go put on your bikini so our guests can see how much you’ve grown up since you became Jodie!”


Jodie Hyde said...

Wow Nana Belle! That's an amazing collection of blonde hotties! The Hyde Honeys will most certainly misbehave at every available opportunity. And I can't wait to get boobs like Mom's.

Anonymous said...

More like the Hyde Hotties!! We certainly top any other family in the neighborhood, excepting when we want them on top of course ;)

A beautiful family portrait! But I would strongly suggest you call Victoria "Tori" instead. You certainly wouldn't want o see her when she's angry

Annabelle Hyde said...

Wait a minue, she's MY daughter, I can call her anything I want! Agatha, Beluah... KIDDING! If you see that Victori, my apologies.

Now if you'll excuse me, Kitten and I will be sizing up the lfeguards at the beach! ;)

Annabelle Hyde said...

ack typo VICTORIA....

Victoria Hyde said...

Kyra: "I would strongly suggest you call Victoria 'Tori' instead."
Thank you, Kyra. Exactly so.
* "Victoria" is always correct.
* In the right contexts, "Tori" will draw from me a grin.
* All that "Vicki" will draw is my ire.

Annabelle: "If you see that Victoria..."
Oh, believe me, it's been on my mind since it went up yesterday.

Annabelle: " apologies."
Apology accepted.

Annabelle: "Wait a minu[t]e, she's MY daughter..."
No. Just no.

Britney Shagwell said...

What a beautiful and SEXY family :)

You're all very lucky to have each other!