Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MOTB: With This Ring (Marcia and Brianna are "bewitching")

MOTB Tales: With This Ring...
 "Brianna... I wanted to share this with you in private before we go out into the church.  This... this was your mom's ring.  That is... it was Amanda's.  Our darling angel looking down from on high.  Wife of Milt, mother of Benjamin.

The evil cancer may have taken her body, but it never could conquer her soul - a soul we carry within us, thanks to her sisters in the coven.  They healed our damaged hearts by infusing us wit her essence - her feminine essence.  And I thank the goddesses every day for that.

As Marcia, I have discovered what all women have grown to love - the pure joy of motherhood, especially a precious daughter.  I also have grown to love the man I will now take as my husband.  Joe is so good to both of us - but one day, you will find your own good man and marry him. 

Keep this ring - Amanda's band - until you find your prince."

"Mom, the ring is as beautiful as we both are now.  Thank you - I love you!"


Anonymous said...

A beautiful story of how the love of a wife an mother can bring her family happiness even when she has passed on.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, this is so bitter sweet and wonderful. You really do make the most beautiful captions sometimes!

Annabelle Hyde said...

Coming from you - what a compliment! I could hug you right now :)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful story of how the love of a wife and mother brings her family happiness even after her passing.

Britney Shagwell said...

Wow.... What a heartfelt and beautiful story, and it matches the pic so well!

Thanks for this one!