Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Francesca School For Girls welcome the "Collinswood Four" (plus 4 parents)


For the start of the 2012-13 schoool year, Francesca School, the premier private institutions for young girls, opened its doors – to four boys – with special conditions.  At the nearby Collinswood Academy for boys, four eighth-graders were expelled for hazing sixth graders. In this area, there was great shame if your child didn’t go to either school, and it was a family tradition – all four boys were the sons of alumni.   

The local DA went to work with the Francesca headmistress and a prominent psychologist, who examined the boys and their fathers.  It turns out that three of the young men (and two of the dads) were at least 40% gender dysphonic.   

 Faced with public shame, the men signed confidential agreements with both schools.  That September, these four cute teenage girls and their lovely (single) mothers were welcomed to Francesca’s campus with open arms with a reception in the school’s gymnasium.

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