Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Water’s Fine (Veda and Emily are soaking it in)

The Water’s Fine

Vance (41): Ahh, what a great day.  Big, hot sun. Gentle breeze. And the water feels so nice on  our tired aching feet, huh?

Eric (18): (whispering):  How can you think about your feet, Dad?  We have breasts – we have big tits!  We’re wearing bikinis and we look like two blonde beach babe hotties!
Veda: That’s because we ARE two blonde beach babe hotties in pink bikinis!  That’s what that special shower in the back did to us, honey.  And by the way, your dad is your mom now.  And you’re my daughter.  Not bad for an old broad like me – coz we look more like sisters, baby girl.
Emily: Holy shit – MOM – these two guys are checking us out!  They are totally undressing us with their eyes!
Veda: Enjoying you, aren’t you, my sexy little girl?  We can say hi to them, flirt with them, or maybe more?
Emily: And what if they want to do more than just hang out??  You know how guys are, Mom!
Veda: Why don’t we both find out?  Just remember to use some  protection, and I don’t mean SP30 lotion! ;)  By the way, I paid for us to have the all-summer pass, so get used to hanging out with Mom!


Chaosbeast said...

What I'd give for that summer vacation. I'll bet you Emily and Veda will be looking into a year round membership before August rolls in. I know the boys at the pool would be all for it.

Britney Shagwell said...

Wow.... I don't know which Ii want more to... to be with one of them, or BE one of them... Awesome pic selection, and nice ans steamy story to support it!

Thank you!