Saturday, June 23, 2012

VACATION DETOUR (Janet & Andrea find some accomodations)


Father and son,  Joe and Alex Ellis planned for every contingency with their unique road trip vacation.  They had created dual IDs for their alter egos, Janet Evans and her college age daughter Andrea.  Even credit cards!  

 But they hadn’t counted on losing their purses in a wild night out at the tranny bar .  Unable to secure a hotel room, Jan and Andi had to make a deal with these two guys they met at Sister Stella’s bar.  

 Despite having to sleep in the back of the wagon, both mother and daughter bonded over the sexcapades.  So by the time they made it back home, they had gotten very used to being very well fucked.   

For that reason, Len and Al followed these sluts back home!


Anonymous said...

Love this one... why take money when you can get guys to 'put you up' wherever you go... hehe!

Slutty and hot!

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks babe, coming from you, means a lot!

Jodie Hyde said...

How cool. Perfect mother/daughter bonding time. At least now they have absolutely no secrets from one another.