Saturday, June 16, 2012

Under Aunt Ashley’s Influence (Jillian & Melissa fall in line)

Under Aunt Ashley’s Influence  
Dad and I hadn’t seen Uncle Andrew in 5 years since he ran away from home to live the life he wanted to live.  She rather – she was a woman named Ashley who enjoyed the kinky side of life.  As a trans-girl, she kept her cock but made a beautiful woman.  

She had some money, and we were between jobs .  Aunt Ashley was nice to let us stay at her place– but we had to agree to her conditions - and she had a really wicked plan.
“Jim,” she said to Dad, “for the summer you’ll be my sister Jillian, and you’ll be a mom to my new niece!  Michael, you’ll be the sexy Melissa, and I’ll show you both how to hang with my girls, the sexiest she-males in the world!  The hottest clothes - the studliest men.  Trust me, you two bitches will love the way it feels… and it tastes!  Oh we’ll have SO much fun- ladies!!” 
Mom and I have to agree with Aunt Ashley .  I guess that’s why we’re wearing these “fuck-me” heels!


Anonymous said...

Im sure the neighborhood boys are lining up for their chance to be with the three hottest t-girls on the block!

Annabelle Raven said...

Alas, I think Jilly and Missy will be even more popular that Ash ;)

Jodie Hyde said...

Wow, what a family. Wish I had some wicked relatives to bring out the sexy side of me. Oh wait, I do have that family now. Great scene Nanna Belle.