Saturday, June 30, 2012

That Old Pick Up Line Works! (Maddie & Judy are available)

That Old Pick Up Line Works

“Wow a couple of blonde babes!  Are you two lovely girls twin sisters, by chance?”

John Culver  knew that  he and his son Matt were being fed a standard pick-up line, but a little parental pride shaped his answer.

“Actually, we’re mother-daughter.  I’m Judy and this is my pride and joy, Maddie.”

The kid played right along, “But everything THINKS my mom looks like my sister.  We’re VERY much alike,” Matt cooed.

As the handsome stranger was joined by his friend, both guys and both “girls” were quite aroused. Judy and Maddie could see the bulge in their slacks… but they wondered if the boys could make out their erections inside their silky panties.

Horny as they were – they really didn’t care!


Anonymous said...

Cheesy pickup lines work? Well, I guess if the guy is hot enough you can overlook a little cheese. And Judy an Maddie are definitely hot enough that the boys won't complain about the surprise in those silky panties. In fact, I'd water that after tonight those boys will almost exclusively prowl for ladies with a little something extra ;)

Annabelle Raven said...

And perhaps those same guys would find us at the bar one night? Let's schedule a night out soon, babe. Momma needs to get laid soon ;)

Britney Shagwell said...

Ya gotta love a good cheesy pick-up line :) They do look like a pair of hot sisters... I'm sure nobody went home disappointed that night :D