Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sue’s House of Fashion (with Eli & Katie stealing the show)

Sue’s House of Fashion

What a pair of lovely models.  It might be shocking to know that they are guys – a father and son no less.  On the left is dad Eugene and son Kirk, but dressed as they are, please call them Elinor and Kate.   

You see, Sue’s has been the beloved destination for T-girl fashions in this region for many decades.  And Eli and Katie come by their hot looks and sexy style naturally.  The clothier is owned by Samuel Chin – who you see on the right.  

Yes, that’s our other “bombshell.”  Suzanne Chin, the proprietor, is Eugene’s father/mother and Kirk’s grand-dad/mom.  And now that the business is taking off, all three Chins are leaving maleness behind, much to the glee and delight of their would-be suitors!

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Anonymous said...

With three such stylish ladies running the show, business must be booming! Those three will have the cream of the crop to choose from.