Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rachel's Heaven (starring my daughter Kyra & me)

Rachel’s Heaven

Rachel was a one-woman itemization guru.  She knew how to bring the sensual woman out of any man she encountered.  Her favorite project of all time was her neighbors upstairs, a sales executive (Michael) and his college age son (Keith).  She had a mad plan; the boys agreed after she weakened their resolve.

Whenever Keith was home on break, Rachel went to work on transforming them as the sensual Annie and her daughter, the lovely Kyra.  Then she had them pose in her studio in all sorts of fashions – dresses, bikinis, formal gowns, and , yes, lingerie.  

This picture is Rachel’s favorite – most because it put the pretty “girls” close to each other.  You can see the arousal in their eyes.  What you don’t see is their mutual  arousal in the front of their panties.  They’re aware of the scent of jasmine perfume and the tingling of their now soft skin.  Their have had a little wine – with an extra shot of “girly gin” as Rachel likes to call it.

Annie has  never been in the presence of such a beautiful  young lady as her “daughter” – and Kyra is in absolute awe of the way her “mother” looks – and feels.  At this moment, both of them would say “oh yes” to anyone – would that include each other?  

Rachel hopes you visit her website today to see what they decide.


Chaosbeast said...

*hugs* Thank you so much Mom! Not just for the wonderful caption, but for everything you've done for me. It may not seem like much, but everyone of your comments, every time you refer to me as your daughter, I'm filled with joy.

Annabelle Raven said...

awwww :.) Your comments mean the world to me! Thanks *hugs* back