Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mother Confessor (Staci gets Farah to talk)

Mother Confessor

Seth (13): Admit it – you were never going back to being my father Frank – and because you roped me into this crazy disguise too avoid the cops, I was going to stay your daughter for as long as necessary.

Frank (37): I know you probably can’t forgive me, for destroying our male lives – but, sweetie, every moment I have spent as a woman has been incredible – our mother/daughter talks, these lovely new clothes, and I think you and I have both enjoyed the extra attention we’ve…

Staci: So you have a date with Mr. Conroy, huh?  Dinner, movie…

Farah: We’re just… friends.  I’m not going to embarrass you by act-

Staci: Mom.  It’s OK.  I just want to know if I can come with you, and… I’d like to bring Zack Conroy with him.  It’ll be fun, us four…

Farah: Are… are you sure Staci?  Do you really want to start dating?

Staci:  I know what you are thinking Mom.  Aren’t I a little young?  Well, for solo dating yes, but a double date with our parents, we’ll behave – that is if you two behave as well.  Ha-ha.  I’m kidding Mom.

Farah: You’re an amazing child, boy or girl, (sniff) Thanks my love!~


Chaosbeast said...

I hope Farah's pretending to be a younger woman, because there is no way anyone is going to believe she's 37 xp.

Given Staci's cuteness, and her mother's beauty, I think there will be a teensy bit of misbehaving on the date.

Annabelle Raven said...

LOl well you know, many times in Hollywood you may have a 28 year old woman playing a teenager and you might have a 36 year old playing the mother.
I can see what you mean Kyra. :)