Thursday, June 28, 2012

MOTB Tales:The Last Laugh (Barb influences her family)

MOTB Tales: The Last Laugh

When I last saw my father and two baby brothers, I swore that I was show them that I could make it on my own as a girl!  They told me, “Brent, you sissy, we’re ashamed to have you in our family.” 

 Well, after fully transitioning to Barbara, and meeting my soul- mate, I knew that I was set for life – Roy’s family has a fortune.  One problem – I needed my family to represent at the society event of the year, but I wasn’t going back to them without a plan.  My Dad, Jake, was unemployed, and Mike and Keith were always lazy slackers – so I could entice them that we could take care of them if they would agree to some makeovers.   

Oh the shame on their face as they walked into the salon for the first time.  Two months later, the results are greater than my wildest dreams.   

Here they are, sexy MOTB Joanna, and her young daughters, hottie bridesmaids Melody and Kara.  At least Mom and Kara are enjoying their gorgeous gowns and the attention of the men here.  Melody still looks a little bit tentative.   

You better shape up sis, or I’ll let your secret out!


Anonymous said...

Im glad the family was able to reconcile after such a horrid falling out. Now Barbara's mother and sisters can learn the joy being a woman can bring!

The dresses are all so lovely, but I'm sure you can guess which one Id love to have most ;)

Annabelle Raven said...