Thursday, June 7, 2012

MOTB: Hope You Don't Mind (Ashley & Suzanne)

MOTB Tales: Hope You Don’t Mind…

Jacob St. James was most definitely a gentleman and tolerant – he was a chip off the old block, as his father had taught him well.  Jake accepted Ashley Morgan as the woman of his dreams – even after he learned of her previous life as Anthony, a sad child stuck in the wrong body.  Now she was so womanly, and after meeting her mother Suzanne, he knew that she had a great role model.  Or so he thought…

He was surprised to see his new mother-in-law in the honeymoon suite, looking longingly at him side by side with her daughter.  Suddenly, he felt an arm around his shoulders.  His dad, Max was also here.    What was going on?
“Honey, I should have told you before – but my Mom here has only been my mother for about three months.  She was my father, Steven, and after seeing me so happy as your fiancee, she let me dress her up, and well, you can see the rest.  Your dad is here because they will be down the hall in their own suite – together - while you and I consummate our new marriage.  I hope you don’t mind , darling.”

Jake smiled.  “Dad – Mom – we’ll see you in the morning!”

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