Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introducing Crystal (presented by Jayne & Esther)

Introducing Crystal

Brothers Jon and Elliott Zimmer had spent many a Saturday nite as sexy T-sisters Jayne & Esther.  Boosted bras, wigs, slinky black dresses, mixed with cocktails & horny suitors.  Now tonight, a new “girl” joins them – meet the darling Crystal Zimmer. Jon’s son Cole is being introduced to the drag club scene by his part-time “mother” and “aunt.”  

Crystal is a little timid and shy, but Aunt Ess isn’t having any of that.  She’s already flashing her garters, and inviting over a trio of studs with her smile.  Crystal gulps bravely; her mom pats her on her manicured hand.  Jayne remembers her first dance with a guy and she fully expects that her little girl will be a slave to her new pleasure, and the three of them will be back next week!


Chaosbeast said...

Crystal's lucky to have her mom and aunt there for moral support. Her first time with a man must be quite nerve racking, but with their encouragement and advice, I'm sure she'll soon be the star of the club.

Annabelle Raven said...

Yep. You have legs that look like that, you have an obligation to put on a show! :)