Saturday, June 9, 2012

GiRLs in PROGRESS (Demi & Jo figure it out)


Duane Lopes wondered why in the heck his dad Jack agreed to move the two of them to Seattle with the promise of a great tech analyst job, only to avoid being laid off by agreeing to being the “guinea pig” for an experience as a “virtual sex change.”  

Something about nanites obscuring Jack’s birth gender.  Well – the first time that
Duane walked in on his “mama” he caught Jolene coming out of the shower with some all too real changes to her physique.  Freaking out, Jo was ready to pull out, but instead, her bosses convinced the kid to join in.  

 Thus, Duane is now a cute teen babe named Demetria.  The company will use some of the profits to pay for Demi’s college and will by her and Jo a big new house, but they wonder if giving up on their manhood was worth it.  

 At least they have a near unlimited fashion budget, and they do enjoy shopping together.  And very soon, both of them will have their first real dates with some nice guys – cheer up girls!  


Anonymous said...

I like this one... nice to see two hot girls as a work in progress. I'm sure a few years from now Demetria won't even remember the old her...

Annabelle Raven said...

There's a movie coming out "Girl in Progress" and this is the revised poster. God love the legs on these two!

Britney Shagwell said...

I cannot imagine a world in which looking like either of these two would be cause for depression :)

Thanks for this one!