Saturday, June 2, 2012

C’mon & Smile! (Miranda encourages Sonia)

C’mon & Smile!
“Micah, maybe we shouldn’t try and attract undue attention like this,” whispered Sean Fallon, 42, to his son.  

Single parent Sean had bet his son on the outcome of the playoff series, and Micah, 20 who had begun cross-dressing in college, had quite a wicked sense of humor.

“Relax, MOM,” cooed the now gorgeous Miranda.  “I told you they did a great job on us at that salon, and don’t these heels make our legs look so sexy?  C’mon and smile!  Oh look, those guys are coming over here to talk to us!” 

The newly feminized Sonia gulped and looked down at her newly expanded chest.  The rest of that evening was a whirlwind of new adventures for “mom & daughter.”   

Sonia enjoyed the quality time with her child – almost as much as both girls enjoyed Reggie and Shane’s advances!

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